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By Hopudoshi
Produced by: Alex Jackson


BRIDGE: my darling departed // I hardly got started // with you // and now I'm falling fainthearted // I'm calling you from the Moon (repeat) // CHORUS: this twilight, it's alright // but this darkness is just so bright // that it's blinding me and my soul might // just burn out for the whole night // my soul might // just burn out for the whole night // VERSE 1: look to the Sky // can't see the sun (son) // cause you took my eyes // you're the only one // and you only won // ask the Holy One // to pick up the pieces // make me wholly one // if you could hear my heart beat this sad tune // know it's pumping fast as a sonic boom // just blasted off dark-sided moon // now I'm zooming past these Martian dunes // and that's just for you // carved out a hole in my chest for you // and I really don't know if that's best for you // but I can't help wanting to be next to you // Love Celestial // all the other girls so less than you // every time our bodies touch it's electrical // everything about you majestical // you're so far away // and even though I travel through night and day // it's really all night in the void of space // stuck in the dark, never enjoyed the chase // or is this a race? // say I need space // but you ran away // now I'm all alone in this damaged place // flew from my home, I'ma land with haste // gotta see my mate // soul burning out // can I keep the pace? // had to reroute the course of fate // but I can hardly wait // till I see your face // but in this current state // the darkness seeps deep // to the seat of my soul // I wanna be whole // but will get home // or destined to roam? // *CHORUS* // *BRIDGE* // VERSE 2: spent so much time, vacuum of space // I am become darkness // as my soul fades without a trace // fear I will become sparkless // ha // never heartless though // all the other folks on a need to know // on a search for your soul // said I need to go // look back at a dot shining indigo // farewell to Gaia // now I'm on the move, seek something higher // my soul fizzles out, situation dire // wonder if this star ship will become my pyre // then I recall the fire // Celestial Love // burning desire // I said it's forever, don't make me a liar // I'm gonna get to you before I expire // so far from the sun (son) // frigid in the void // it's making me numb // am I just done? // I try to avoid taking the plunge // to the darkness of space // it's just too late // I'm ending the race // such a pretty place // could shimmering stars be the Pearly Gates? // message received // I yank on the tether, I fall to my knees // through the airlock I squeeze // run to the terminal, see what it reads: // "Hello, my love // I found a new home // it's perfect for us // it's not too far // hurry to me, Your Sun and Stars" // but the fuel is gone... // *CHORUS*


from Hop​-​Leo & Hopanova present: HOPUDOSHI - The Rebel, released June 11, 2014
By Hopudoshi
Produced by: Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson's channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Q3BDRXjOetXAMrmEwXpVA



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Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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