Revolutionary Love - The Lost Files

by Hopudoshi

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This album never came together as I intended. I started working on it back in 2011, while I was still living in the States, and tried to finish it while I was here in Thailand. But it wasn't cohesive, because I was in two different frames of mind, and it's obvious when you listen to the tracks on the "album." This ended up being more a collection of songs than a real album, so I decided to just put it out as The Lost Files (my version of a Lost Tapes album). This would technically be my fourth album, between "...of Life" and "Mystical Psychosis." Also, this is the last album that I made my own beats.


released December 22, 2012

Hopudoshi/Hop-Leo/Hopanova, Lexy Lou, BDPS



all rights reserved


Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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Track Name: Revolutionary Doves
VERSE 1: I’m back from the future, almost ran out of gas there // DeLorean was flying real fast there // came to find that there isn’t any trash there // no distinction between the rich and the mass there // no classes to clash over cash // capitalism is a thing of the past // Marx knew that it just couldn’t last // it’s broken now like an arm in a cast // and I stared, amazed at the people // living in peace, free and equal // now I’m back in the hereafter’s prequel // came to make sure that we have a good sequel // and I’m lethal with words and rhymes // here to kill bills (Bills) // I don’t mean the Bride’s // I’m talking about Senate Bill 5 // and others like it, we’ll bring their demise // proletariats stand and rise // I was sent to take the wool from your eyes // give you truth to replace the lies // working class heroes, husbands, wives // join the fight // unify unite // we’ll Occupy Wall Street day and night // thought they had us beaten but not quite // Revolutionary Doves // Love is might // BRIDGE: we won’t be beat // no // we won’t except defeat // no // we can’t be beat // no // we won’t except defeat // no // CHORUS 1: women and blacks // and the poor, middle class // and the gays and the straights // and the able and the lame // Christians and Jews // Muslim, Buddhists, Hindus // all of the above // Revolutionary Doves! // CHORUS 2: 99 unified // oh what a sight // left with no other options, gotta rise and fight (repeat) // SPOKEN: it’s time // the revolution is here // united we can conquer any foe // let’s go // let’s go // BRIDGE // VERSE 2: now I’m not telling you how to think // just to think // for yourselves and break the links // of the chains on your brain // when you free your mind you’ll see we’re all the same // and we were lulled to sleep // by the American Dream, counting sheep // while the bourgeoisie fed its gluttony // exploiting you and me // and I awoke to see the nightmare known as Reality // won’t be a casualty // of the one percent’s fallacies // cause we’re the other 99 // find the strength to unify // and through this cause we will conquer our divides // fortify our ties // stand firm, don’t fall for lies // recognize // that CEOs are slave masters in disguise // join the fight // unify unite // we’ll Occupy High Street day and night // thought they had us beaten but not quite // Revolutionary Doves // Love is might // BRIDGE // CHORUS 1 // CHORUS 2 // SPOKEN: if you’re one of the 99% // sing with me now // let me hear you // CHORUS 2
Track Name: Without You f/ Lexy Lou & BDPS
CHORUS (2x): BDPS: without You // where would I be? // cause without You // there’s no me // Lexy Lou: without Me // where would we be? // it was a forbidden Love // the Fates are laughing from Above // VERSE 1: Hopanova: I think I loved You since before I can remember // it was a cold dark Night in December // I looked deep in Your eyes // and I realized // that to my surprise // I found Paradise // and there’s no question we were Soul Mates // but, why did I have to find out so late // plus, we didn’t get to go on no dates // cause, the Fates served us up some cold plates // star-crossed like Romeo and Juliet // sweet Julia I’ll never forget // in another life we made promises // that we’d be together despite my missus // but in the next life it was Yours // then torn apart by wars and shores // it only made me want You more // undeniable was Your allure // and through the centuries remember me // so attracted to Your unattainability // silly me // no matter how much I see // still drawn to the Fruit of Forbidden Trees // CHORUS // VERSE 2: it was long ago, 450 BC // I was a peasant You were royalty // then, in 1673 // You were a slave but I was free // way back when in ancient India // I was a monk but secretly into ya // if I recall when Your name was Cynthia // our families warred over rights to that peninsula // now back to that December Night, yeah // give me a second to remember right, uh // lust and temptation at its height, and // Love and fixation out of sight, yo // I swear I found Heaven in Your perfect body and // we were reunited Souls once again // Eternal Bliss in the Promised Land // but like all good things it had to end // now through the centuries remember me // still attracted to your unattainability // silly me // no matter how much I see // always drawn to the Fruit of Forbidden Trees // CHORUS // VERSE 3: now without You I wouldn’t exist // our Souls are One I’m truly convinced // when the Universe had just commenced // we were together same side of the fence // perhaps the Cosmos couldn’t contain our Love // our lamentful divorce caused strain Above // was strange to us // that the union of Doves could be dangerous // it was that fateful December Night // You glowed Bright // like a mystical dismembered Light // and // lost myself in Eternal Flight // sounds trite // but with You it’ll be alright // finding you was like looking in the mirror // but it’s dearer and it’s clearer // the Reflection’s Realer // there was an error // cause I lost you again // and the pain never ends // ‘til our Union mends // now through the centuries remember me // so attracted to your unattainability // silly me // no matter how much I see // Forever drawn to the Fruit of Forbidden Trees // CHORUS 2x
Track Name: New World
VERSE 1: I’m fed up with my home world // so I’m blasting off // peace home girls // traveling light years away // so I couldn’t care less ‘bout your time of day // so sorry that you’re there to stay // but that was just a point at the start of my ray // boundless horizons // and you’re sounding surprised, son // my destiny’s always been bigger than Ohio // I keep it in my heart though anywhere I go // re-re vitiligo // so pro black, hail Ruckus’s arrival // got the haters in denial // and the snakes and the rats getting left like Fievel // washing ashore on a blue pearl // now I’m off to explore the new world // CHORUS // new life // (and everything’s new) // new way // new world // (and everything’s you) // new day // new life // (and everything’s new) // new way // new world // (and everything’s beautiful) // new day // VERSE 2: re-re-ready set flow // I got it on lock, I get mo’ (Gitmo) // mo’ sights, mo’ sounds // listen close // cause the insight’s profound // wisdom sows // new view of POTUS // from position of lotus // I been as Red as Otis // gave my 30 day notice // that star // was never meant for me // to bourgeois // with a capital ‘B’ // so I left // traveled East from West // let consumer culture conquer the rest // now I’ve seen, I can attest // globalization means nothing less // the zombie apocalypse is already here // but instead of getting bitten people buy, beware // share, like, repost // but don’t get dosed // in the fear like most // become Aware // CHORUS // VERSE 3: thought I could find // the perfect place // whether in my mind // or outer space // but I never needed a new world // all I ever needed was a true girl // if she could love me // maybe I could too // and everyone would bug me // who knew what I should do // it’s true // it seemed my eyes were new // and rain or shine I seen the Skies were blue // and in the Time after Time // we will survive // though line after line // cause bars to arise // but baby we’ll Break Through // and if the first don’t burst // then baby we’ll take two // still I Never Find Perfection // but I learned to love when I accepted my reflection // only needed self affection // Reawakened in my New World of Introspection // CHORUS (2x)
Track Name: Reverie (Interlude)
Mia: Dream // dream dream dream // when I...
Track Name: Dream On
BRIDGE (2x): I’m sailing down the stream // cause Life is but a Dream // you know just what I mean // look Inside and you will See // CHORUS: Dream on and on... // VERSE 1: Metaphysically, Life is but a Dream // one day I’ll Awake // achieve Sanity // but in the mean time // you can’t damage me // and if you’re feeling this // you can stand with me // but realize you’re standing in your Sleep // before our Births we counted sheep // from our Souls won’t hear a peep // damn it all we went too deep // trapped // in Plato’s Cave // halfway Deranged // and I’m still in chains // Ignorance is Pain // and I’m waiting on the day // philosophers reign // it’s true this Dream is vivid // don’t get mad I see you’re livid // seems Real because we live it // the weak of Mind just can’t get with it // so // get your mental weight up // cause we won’t wait up // while you’re in the Made Up // (whatcha doing Hop?) // and I’m trying to Wake Up // so that I can make up // with my Soul laid up // BRIDGE 2: it’s all a Dream // it’s not as Real as it seems, but just… // CHORUS // VERSE 2: Forever searching // but will I ever find // and something lurking // in the back of my Mind // a Truth that I know // but I won’t admit // like it’ll make my Mind blow // so I’m hiding it // could it be // that you are me // and I am you // could it be True? // and we’re really Everything // and there’s really no things // and Separateness // doesn’t exist // this is it // we reside in Eternity // Eternal Bliss // is ours if we wanna leave // but as long as we Sleep // and Dream on // it’s all good to weep // though it seems wrong // in the absence of Pain // we can’t know Delight // if the sky never rains // no flowers in sight // no Black // no White // no Dark // no Light // BRIDGE 2: it’s all a Dream // it’s not as Real as it seems // what does it mean // one day we’ll be Redeemed, so just… // CHORUS // VERSE 3: question: // what’s Life // is it Serious? // is it Game // am I Sane or Delirious? // what’s that? // am I the only one hearing this? // if I’m trapped in my Mind is it perilous? // if I Awoke // would I Waken in a better place? // is my alarm clock broke // or locked in a safe? // am I the only one who feels this way? // all alone in the Milky Way // and if we’re Living a Lie // and Freedom’s in Truth // and Heaven’s Inside // and here is the proof // there’s no end to the Universe // just a Single Mind dispersed // if you look Within and know Yourself // you’ll come to find Everything else // but the Ground of Being goes down deep // so if you’re not prepared just stay Asleep // BRIDGE 2: it’s all a Dream // it’s not as Real as it seems // what does it mean? // one day we’ll be Redeemed, but now… // BRIDGE 1 // CHORUS
Track Name: Ode to Emptiness (Interlude)
The emptiness I didn’t know
Existed there since I was young;
My hollow soul produced echo
Till soft words spoken from Your tongue.

They fill my world with joy and hope
Despite the troubles all around.
How did I live or even cope
Before I heard that lovely sound?

But this I’ve learned: there is a price!
With bliss comes both pain and sorrow.
Today my home is paradise,
Though could be destroyed tomorrow.

I’m so high now, immersed in Love
And basking in the Light of day.
No more the heavens up above.
That night shan’t come, is what I pray.

Though once only empty, now should I fall
I would cease to be, or exist at all
Track Name: I. N.ever F.ind P.erfection
CHORUS: when I sleep // I fly high above the trees // in my Dreams // then I Wake // I come crashing down // back to the Ground // at times it’s hard to cope // ohh // I’m still hopeful // BRIDGE: never do I find it: // Perfection // are you there somewhere? // never do I find it: // Perfection // never do I find it: // Perfection // are you anywhere // never do I find it: // Perfection // VERSE 1: yo // I gotta be the only dude on the planet // who prefers Nightmares, here try to understand it // good Dreams are like a carrot on a string // mocking me each night like a parrot when he sings // it seems my goals are just outta reach // Reality must have a good keeper on its team // and my eternal opponent is disappointment // wishing at the moment they made lost hope ointment // anything to mend these shattered Dreams // sooth my miseries // think you’re getting what I mean // at least after Waking from a Nightmare // Life seems good when you contrast and compare // used to be like young Alice chasing down hares // eyes so wide with her head in the atmosphere // now I’m back on Earth // crashed in the dirt // won’t be the last or first // that this Reality hurts // so I close my eyes // lay me down to Sleep // pray to the Skies // I have terrible Dreams // BRIDGE // VERSE 2: put my hand in my pocket // felt a hole where my Dreams were // clutched her locket // hoped my Soul would redeem her // but since I never find Perfection // here’s a lesson // in Conception and Deception // when I cleansed my Perception // she came to me like a Fantasy // deep and intelligent, the opposite of vanity // she had to be the girl of my Dreams // but I learned the hard way things are not what they seem // first couple of months // things are looking up // it’s like Heaven’s open 24/7 // I develop // a sense of worship // she’s on a pedestal, while I’m looking like a fool // it was a stormy Night in January // walked in on her and my best friend Barry // all I could do is stand there and stare // wishing I was Sleep but it’s a Waking Nightmare // BRIDGE // CHORUS // BRIDGE // VERSE 3: still Lost // don’t know if I’ll ever be Found // negative thoughts // won’t let them hold me down // but when it starts // I begin to hear the Sound // and then my Heart // it seeps in the Darkness bound // demons within me // claiming to be friendly // where will they send me // not to Heaven’s entry // I’ve Dreamed a Dream but now it’s gone from me // the seeking of Perfection seems to be my Enemy // …Time heals all wounds though // on the Darkest Night I’ll be praying to the Moon yo // the Goddess inside us // Sparks us like lighters // burn Brightest // we’ll be Darkness fighters // and when I finally Wake from the Dream of Reality // please don’t consider me a casualty // find Peace, sailing on that Light Beam // but for now I’ll continue to Dream // BRIDGE 2x
Track Name: Skyscraper Siege
VERSE 1: prepare for battle // sow the chariot seats // I make ya // stand and rise with proletariat beats // and // Occupy is a modern day siege // what we’re // fighting is nepotism and greed // and // CEOs are the kings of today // and // skyscrapers are like castles in a way // corporatism is the dragon we must slay // and we won’t run away // show ‘em we’re hre to stay // each building downtown with its 80 plus floors // is its own little kingdom that’s exploiting the poor // and since money is power they pay us peanuts per hour // and since time is money they keep us laughing like dummies // ain’t nothing funny though // conservatives never loved to share (Cher) like Sonney yo // all on the radio // and TV // is propaganda // turn away // I’m saying, “No.” // we’ll catapult the status quo // as we creep up the skyscraper stairs with our heads low // or should we charge // just straight barge // our mob large // no leader, no sarge // CHORUS: power to the people // more power // all power // talking power to the people // power to the people // more power // all power // talking power to the people // power to the people // power to the people yo // black power // all power // talking power to the people // power to the people // more power // all power // talking power to the people yo // VERSE 2: so we storm the fire escape // as we cut our way through bureaucratic red tape // all around suits tremble and shake // cause they knew all along our rise to power was fate // now we’re about 40 floors up // and there’s no giving up // but the door here’s stuck // so we climb two more // it’s the same as before // so we kick in the door // to the 42nd floor // it’s a pitiful scene // cubical knights // behind computer screens // don’t even put up a fight // cuz they knew all is lost at the sight of our might // and some jump from windows // quoting Patrick Henry as they feel the wind blow // look out below // these are the ones who gained the world and lost their souls // CHORUS // VERSE 3: now we’re climbing up this phallic symbol // make the patriarchal power structure tremble // ain’t nothing simple // financial bubbles pop like pimples // in this age you gotta be nimble // I share my philosophy with Robin Hood // we need to stick it to the rich // stop robbin in the hood // it’s all good as long as it’s good for all // and for that we call // for the bourgeois to fall // finally reached the top floor // the king’s guard await us at the CEOs door // never before // and never again // would it be so easy to win // they coward // in their final hour // in this crumbling tower // the power // is ours // we got what we wanted // at this summit // now we can’t hide from it // now we’ve finally done it // so the choices are in our hands // no more ruling the land // together we stand // with this victory we can make utopia now // but the question that remains is, “How?” // CHORUS // SPOKEN: Proletariats rise! The victory is easy. We have the numbers. It’s simply a matter of standing together as one. The difficulty lies in what to do after that victory. All I know is: Equality and Mercy for all. // CHORUS
Track Name: Time and Space
BRIDGE 1: where do we go // where do we go // where do we go from here // (repeat) // yeah // CHORUS: sun won’t shine // without you it’s a… // without you it’s a waste // time takes time // you said you need your… // you said you needed your space // been a while // since I seen my… // seen my baby girl // missed your smile // cause you’re my whole… // you’re my whole world // BRIDGE 1 // VERSE 1: change is the nature of time // but you stay on my mind // baby give me a sign // that you won’t leave me behind // did we grow apart // or just grow up // the hole you left in my heart // might just blowup // implosion // of devotion // I’m drowning in this ocean // of emotion // we were coasting // on the coast // Sunsets on the beach with the tide our bedpost // we both love the Moon // reflecting off the Sea // the Light within you // harmonized the Darkness in me // then we’d watch the Sunrise // see it shine in your eyes // I’d finally realize // the scene inside was life-sized // I could spend all Day and Night // swimming in your irises // but // eventually play turned to fight // and you deserted our oasis // BRIDGE 1 // BRIDGE 2: how do we get // how do we get // how do we get back there // BRIDGE 1 // and when and when // BRIDGE 2 // how it was back then // BRIDGE 1 // and when // BRIDGE 2 // how it was back then // VERSE 2: you replaced “boy” with “best” // as the prefix to “friend” // and now more or less // I’m forced to pretend // that I’m cool with that // and I no longer care // and I don’t want you back // and I won’t despair // I used to stare at your innocent face // as you slept // we were a pair with incredible Grace // every step // but there was pain there // buried deep down in your soul // and here the same tear // tore you apart from the whole // I wish you could behold // your beauty through my eyes // and then I could console // your heart through hard times //but hard times // eroded our heart lines // and the start line // became a far cry // my world is as empty as the void of space // without you there // and I don’t care about time or place // all I want is my baby here // BRIDGE 1 & 2 // VERSE 3: although we’re both here and now // it’s like you’re light years away // but I swear a vow // I’ll travel eons today // that deafening silence // so much worse than violence // never thought I’d mind it // now I hate the quiet // cause false peace is worse than war // and you don’t see it // but I’m wounded at the core // you don’t believe it // when I say I love you more // and that I mean it // there were none like you before // you seem to love to fight // while I’m just fighting for love // gaze at the starry night // and see the past above // what does the future hold? // the beginning wasn’t cold // just let happiness unfold // and together we’ll grow old // I had a dream that my dream came true // and it was you that I was dreaming of // and I hope this love lasts past the last // and you’ll be my last love // BRIDGE 1 & 2 // and what about our baby boy // like on the 56th soi // CHORUS // BRIDGE 1 & 2 // CHORUS and BRIDGE 1 & 2 (simultaneously) // BRIDGE 1
Track Name: Id
VERSE 1: so // I’m alone again, and // this seems to be the home of sin, and // I’m searching for home and friends // but the Darkness is my only kin // so sick of this capitalistic / Dark and twisted // cannibalistic // society’s so sadistic // can’t get with it // keep it raw and mystic // never missed it // how can I escape // get back to the future // I don’t wanna be late // fuck Fox // I don’t mean Michael J. // take him back there with me // take his Parkinson’s away // new term // simple to learn // when I puff on the green // the Dolorean burns // but I took a wrong turn // got to high // ended up in a berm // I’m in a Timeless state // and my Mind has expanded to the Void of space // and my ego died // now my id collides // with demons inside // chaos surrounds // and my soul is bound // dragged underground // and I hear the sound // vicious hellhounds // are all around // did it again // let the Darkness in // this is the End // oh I’ve done it now // but I make a vow // I’ll escape somehow // CHORUS: pleasure // pain // I’ll go insane // ego died // but my id survived // pleasure // pain // I’ll go insane // ego died // but my id survives // CHORUS // VERSE 2: egoless // nothing makes sense // there’s no defense // let Hell commence // constant suspense // the Darkness dense // true repentance // serve my sentence // every instant glimpsing // all my Evil deeds // as the Light recedes // and the Dark proceeds // the Dolorean broke down // and my Mind is broke now // it’s torn to pieces // I need to pray to Jesus // but I don’t believe this // fresh as a fetus // like I never learned a thing of worth in my whole life // if I don’t heed the Word my next rebirth will be more strife // but my id doesn’t wanna hear it // steadily running interference // not concerned with Divine Clearance // unaware of Its Forbearance // in its ignorance and arrogance // to fool to Fear It // steadily going Down going Down, but // I’ll escape somehow // somehow // steadily going Down going Down, but // I’ll escape somehow // I’ll get out // CHORUS
Track Name: Wormhole
INTRO: take my Heart // take my Soul // when we’re apart // I’m just not whole // bound as one // like the mouths of a wormhole // you go // and you come // but we’re never alone // VERSE 1: as I await // your return, oh // my Heart Burns so // feels like an Inferno // but at least I know // it won’t turn Cold // when I awake // and you’re not there // I simply stare // at the empty air // blink back tears // in my cloudy eyes // dreamt you were here // for the hundredth time // wanna go back to sleep // cause at least I’m with you in my dreams // and the pain is deep // but I won’t allow these clouds to teem // I know my heavy Heart // will once again soar like a feather // although we’re apart // someday soon we’ll be together // CHORUS: we’ll go // can’t stop us Ever // when we go // We’ll Go Together // True Love will never sever // when it lasts it lasts Forever // BRIDGE: take my Heart // my Heart // take my Soul // my Soul // VERSE 2: the Day we met my Life began // before that I set the plan // to meet the One who’d understand // and hold my Heart, my Soul in hand // thought the world was Dark place // all alone in the Void of space // but the minute I saw your face // I knew this wasn’t the case // you Illuminate the Dark // when they’re close our Souls make a Spark // meet me underneath the arc // we’ll kiss at Chatuchak Park // you’re my Sun-and-Stars, and // I’ll be your Moon // the son is ours, and // he’ll be here soon // Sky baby // my lady // no if, buts, or maybes // Mind no longer Hazy // Clouds are gone // the world’s not Shady // and no matter how far // far away // in a Night without Stars // Love will bring the Day // BRIDGE // CHORUS // VERSE 3: drawn together // moth to flame // we get burnt we feel the pain // you want peace // I want the same // but the silence game // drives me insane // would swear I’m deaf // and I said some things that I regret // I know why you left // but I’m trying to close this widening cleft // our Hearts are bound // like the mouths // of a Wormhole // but since you went back home // we’re stretched so thin gotta Black Hole Soul // oh // my world is Darkening // once again // drift through Space just wandering // and I’m pondering // when will it end // had just got used to feeling Joy // now you’re gone that’s been destroyed // we’re apart like I’m deployed // Happiness is playing coy // but I love you // so I let you go and you flew away // and if the Love is True // between me and you // you’ll return to stay // CHORUS 2x // BRIDGE 2x