Eternal Return

by Hopudoshi

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...a circle has no beginning or end...

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, Hop-Leo Concept 101: Origin and Personality

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.
The name Hopudoshi is a combination of my last name (Hopkins) and one of my favorite characters from the anime Inuyasha named Hakudoshi. Hopudoshi is an emotional, angry, and militant person. He holds nothing back and is not afraid to speak his mind, but can get out of control. Hopudoshi is very radical and revolutionary and is willing to go to almost any length to realize his goals.
Hopanova is a play on the name Casanova. Hopanova is the sensitive side. The seeker of love, peace, tranquility, and enlightenment. He is a pacifist and does not like violence of any kind. He wishes for a world where everyone understands each other and wants his loved ones to understand him. Hopanova seeks the love of his friends, family, and the Lord above all else.
Hop-Leo is my last name combined with my zodiac sign. Leo is my sun sign which is the sign that influences the way a person appears to the outside world. Likewise Hop-Leo is the most like the person I present to the outside world. He sort of encompasses Hopudoshi and Hopanova, but keeps them in check so they don’t get out of hand. He is the rational and logical one. Unlike Hopudoshi, he is restricted by his conscience. Unlike Hopanova, he realizes that some of Hopanova’s lofty goals are probably unattainable in the present time. Like Hopudoshi he seeks radical change, but is uneasy about the bloodshed that comes along with revolution. He seeks the same goals as Hopanova but is just not as comfortable with expressing it. Hop-Leo basically mitigates the other two, so that Hopudoshi won’t become too unruly and so Hopanova won’t get taken advantage of.

Hopanova/Hop-Leo/Hopudoshi Concept 201: On Harmony

All three wish to attain harmony, but in three very different ways.
Hopanova, as a spiritual being, seeks harmony between himself and The Ultimate Power. This is his highest priority, as his main concern is appeasing The Creator rather than his fellow people. He seeks the unity he has lost with The One.
Hopudoshi strives to attain harmony between nations and peoples. He dreams of a world where people from different backgrounds and viewpoints can understand and respect one another. He doesn’t seek a totalitarian regime that forces everyone to think alike, but he wishes people could appreciate and welcome differences rather than fear and reject them.
Hop-Leo seeks harmony between individuals. He would attempt to reconcile differences between people, say, in a given room. He also seeks to attain harmony between his own mind and Reality. But since he believes an individual’s subjective mind can never be certain what objective Reality is, this feels like a fleeting dream to him. Perhaps the spiritual enlightenment Hopanova strives for could help him with this.


released June 10, 2011

Artists: Hopanova/Hop-Leo/Hopudoshi, BDPS
Producers: Hopanova/Hop-Leo/Hopudoshi, Jayometry, BDPS, BLB



all rights reserved


Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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Track Name: Escape from the Void (Intro)
Unknown: “…crawling back to me once again.” // VERSE: Hopudoshi/Hop-Leo/Hopanova: this pain, nobody knows // the void devours my very soul // it’s feeding off my heart // drinking of my mind, like wine // it's drunk off my brain // if this keeps up, I'll go insane // was blinded by the light // so now this darkness seems alright // but I still can’t see down here // and I hear the devil’s footsteps near // I try to make my escape // but I fear it may be too late // I need to take my flight // fly, high, towards the light // to the light // to the light // to the light // to the light // mmm // ohhhh // mmm // ohhhh
Track Name: Emergence
Hop-Leo: “I can see…I can see!” // now I’ve emerged from the darkness… // Unknown: “you are mine” // Hop-Leo: now I’ve emerged from the darkness where I… come on // Unknown: “you shalln’t escape” // Hop-Leo: now I’ve emerged from the darkness where I was…ah // Unknown: “no” // Hop-Leo: now I’ve emerged from the darkness where I was submerged… yeah, come on // Unknown: “no!” // VERSE 1: Hop-Leo: now I’ve emerged from the darkness where I was submerged // I’ve been purged of my darkness, let the light now surge // I once was blind but now I see // everybody in this world suffers just like me // let’s show compassion to every living being // whether a starving cat or a spoiled king // realize this life is a reprieve // the present’s a gift you have received // freedom’s in truth, don’t get trapped in hate // look at the miserable web that lies create // wondering when I will awake // from this dream I’ve dreamed since my birthdate // confusion, confusion, yeah it reigns // that’s why we can’t see that everything’s the same // I am you and you are me // there’s no such thing as identity // all these concepts are illusionary // everything is everything // this idea is revolutionary // hope you don’t think you’re living in reality, yeah // hope you don’t think you’re living in reality, now // Unknown and Hop-Leo: hope you don’t think you’re living in reality // Unknown: “you shall be mine. Wait, what’s this?! // VERSE 2: Hop-Leo: ahh // everything // is everything // yeah everything is everything // everything is everything // yeah, I am you and you we // I am you and you are me // cause everything is everything // everything is everything // yeah everything // ahhh // everything is all I see // I am you, you are we // he is she, she is we, he is he // now everything is everything // everything // yeah // everything // all I see is everything // cause everything is everything // ohhhh // oh, oh, oh, oh // ohhhh // oh, oh, oh, oh // oh, oh, oh, oh // oh, oh, oh, oh // ahhh // oh, oh, oh, oh // ohhhh // oh, oh, oh, oh
Track Name: Trinity
VERSE 1: Hop-Leo: as the sitar gently weeps // yo I gaze out at these streets // everybody seems asleep // so I wake them with this beat // cause there’s a time to fight // there’s a time to rise // there’s a time for flight // but everybody dies // do you have the sight // can you avoid the lies // search for the light // time to recognize // Hopudoshi: but it’s darkness, it’s darkness // Hop-Leo: yo don’t start this // Hopudoshi: but it’s heartless in this darkness // and friendless, kinless, and it’s endless // Hop-Leo: well I’ma pull you up // get a tight grip // on my bootstraps // till yours are fixed // now we’re above the ground // open your eyes // take a look around // we’re about to fly // Hopudoshi: the light of the sky // is so bright, makes me cry // happy tears, now I’m hear // let’s find Hopanova, it’s already been a year // Hop-Leo: I’ve been searching too // not just for you // but all the way through the sky so blue // he must of disappeared in this atmosphere // that’s what I fear // hope he reappears // Hopudoshi: now I’m out the dirt // can’t get no worse // no longer hurt // and that’s a first // so I’ma help you out // like you did me // let’s search about // reunite the three // VERSE 2: Hopanova: as I look down, down from above // I’m so high now, embraced in Love (but I) // I can’t stay here, no it’s not fair // my works not done yet, not done down there (so I ) // I must leave, leave this place // make my descent from Eternal Grace // now I’ll show those two, show them the Way // that I’ll return one day, is what I pray // VERSE 3: Hop-Leo & Hopudoshi: Hopanova!? // Hopanova: Hopudoshi, Hop-Leo // once again a trio // now we’re back to zero // no time for heroes // follow me yo // now here we go // Hop-Leo: we’ve been searching for you everywhere // Hopudoshi: yo, what’s up with that cold blank stare? // Hopanova: it’s as I feared // after being up there // I can hardly see // it’s so dark down here // Hopudoshi: psph, following a blind man’s out of the question // after being below I should have learned my lesson // those on top never give a damn // about the poor in the gutter, shepherd-less lambs // Hopanova: who says I’m blind? // just because the holes // above my nose // are currently closed // doesn’t mean that I can’t see // it’s my third eye that will lead thee // BRIDGE: Hopudoshi: what’s your politics? // Hop-Leo: your philosophy? // Hopanova: lessons of spirituality // Hopudoshi: we all are blind // Hop-Leo: when will we see? // Hopanova: the truth of the unity // CHORUS: All: it’s the three, the three // that are in unity // it’s the three, the three // that form the trinity // CHORUS // BRIDGE // CHORUS x2
Track Name: Love Is (Interlude)
Hopanova: yeah, yeah // love love // love peace // love harmony // that’s what it is // love // yeah, that’s what it is // love baby, love baby // love love // love peace // love harmony // that’s what it is // that’s what it is // that’s what it is // love love // yeah, love love // love peace // love harmony // that’s what it is // that’s what it is // that’s what it is // that’s what it is // love love // love love // love peace // love harmony // love love
Track Name: Plato's Allegory
Hopanova: “yeah…allow Hopanova to take you on a mystical journey. Just sit back, relax, and let the beat flow through you.” VERSE 1: in a past life, many centuries ago // I was held prisoner and didn’t even know // my head was tied and bound, facing toward a wall // that wall was in a cave // that wall was all I saw // upon it were shadows // I took them to be real // placed my hand on my forehead // and then I felt the steel // broke free of my chains as soon as I learned how // was almost struck blind when I finally turned around // CHORUS 1 (x2): Hop-Leo: turn around // Hopudoshi: turn around // Hopanova: that’s all you’ve got to do // Hop-Leo: turn around // Hopudoshi: turn around // Hopanova: if you want to see the truth // CHORUS 2 (x4): Hopanova: turn around // yes you should // turn around // see The Good // VERSE 2: I gazed upon the fire // but I was terrified // the flames glowed so bright // I had to shield my eyes // between the inferno and me there stood a small wall // as my eyes adjusted to the blaze I understood it all // on top of the wall I saw models made of clay // they moved and they danced around like puppets in a play // I fought it at first // had I really been deceived? // couldn’t believe that the shadows were mere representations of these // ran back to the cave wall but it just wasn’t the same // after witnessing the clay the shadows were like a child’s game // turned back to the fire // laid my eyes upon it // then I realized that a path lay beyond it // CHORUS 1 (x2) & CHORUS 2 (x4)// VERSE 3: disjointed and disorderly I climbed out of the cave // and it’s impossible to explain // the light in which I was bathed // I couldn’t see a thing // thought I was rendered blind // so completely terrified I almost ran back inside // took a couple deep breaths and let the pain subside // then I realized that for once I was alive // squinting all the time I crawled my way out to a lake // as I peered into the water // I did a double take // what were these images I saw // this must be true reality // not like the shadows or the clay // this must be what they call Beauty // I didn’t notice // with all the time I stared at the reflections // my eyes had adjusted // and soon so would my conception // CHORUS 2 // VERSE 4: it’s all // it everywhere // it’s everything // unmitigated // Reality // the Sun // the Sun // oh, the Sun // it’s good // the Sun // the Sun is The Good // The Good // oh, The Good // CHORUS 2 (repeated) // SPOKEN: whoa, it’s dark down here. Down in this cave, but hey…it is the duty of every philosopher to make his descent back down into the cave…to bring his fellow man out into the sunlight. So when you’re ready…let’s make our ascent. Hopanova signing off.
Track Name: One-Winged Angels
VERSE 1: Hopudoshi: yeah // I’m a political south paw // unorthodox beliefs // my jab so righteous it’s knockin tyrants off they feet // my weapon is words and my lyrics are bullets // my tongue is the trigger and when I speak I pull it // when I rap to you that’s the fully automatic // when I sing I’m lulling you with the sleeping gases // when I talk to yo you know that’s the semi-auto // if you ready to war with me // come on let’s go // VERSE 2: Hop-Leo: yo // we all one-winged angels // just fighting for our side // but recognize // that only time // will tell the truth from the lies // but now this wing growing out of my left shoulder // only acts to bolster // my belief in my beliefs // so if you’ve got a right wing // then you’re my enemy // ya can’t be kin to me // you represent sin to me // and that thing that’s aiding your flying // looks like a demon wing to me // CHORUS (x2): Hopanova: we are all // one winged angels // we are all // just one winged angels // Hop-Leo: lost souls on a search for truth // fighting perceived enemies // but really don’t know what to do // lost souls trying to become whole // in this world so cold // where to go? // it seems nobody knows // Hopudoshi: searchin, searchin, searchin for my other wing // just searchin for my other wing // VERSE 3: Hopanova: I illuminate the void just like a supernova // the job of Hopanova’s eternal // never over // through my lyrics // I attempt to reveal the esoteric // I know that ya’ll can hear it // I’m hoping that ya’ll can bear it // don’t fear it // listen there’s no good and bad in war // just people fighting for the thing that they adore // there’s more // there’s not two sides: one wrong one right // there’s just two sides // that’s it: two sides // before you decide to fight your enemies // look inwardly // maybe you’ll see // a part of you inside of he // not to your liking // it’s striking // but realizing // that he suffers too // will bring you closer to the truth // CHORUS (x4)
Track Name: Sonnet 18.5: Night's Sweet Lament
VERSE 1: Hop-Leo: shall I compare you to a autumn night? // the cool brisk breeze following twilight // the dark depth of your eyes like the evening sky // rain falling with the leaves when I made you cry // the planets wander in their mystery // underneath the heavens you were once with me // oh how I long for that summer day // but I stole your heart so this price I pay // CHORUS 1 (x2): Hopanova: as the Sun sets // and the Day dies // I see the Moon and the Stars in your bright eyes // VERSE 2: Hop-Leo: STANZA 1: hello to Darkness, goodbye to Sunshine // the sun sets since Apollo slumbers soon // night’s abyss spreads in that worn heart of mine // as wolves howl at the false light of the Moon // STANZA 2: sweet embrace of the Dark hides me from me // oblivion is preferred to lament // painful memories I no longer see // neither do I know nor care where they went // STANZA 3: fully submerged now, it’s harder to breathe // choked lungs pine for air; find Darkness that seethes // wondering now: did I choose the right side? // instead of conquering fears, I chose to hide // (yeah I chose to hide, instead of conquering fears I chose to hide) // COUPLET: as night turns to dawn; the suffering’s less // hello to Sunshine, goodbye to Darkness // CHORUS 2 (x4): as the Moon sets and the Night dies // I see the Sun and the Sky in your bright eyes
Track Name: Julia
Hopanova: VERSE 1: she was a dream made real // yo her name was Julia // my friends tried to warn me // yo dog she’s foolin ya // but I wouldn’t listen cause she had my heart // let’s rewind a little // go back to the start // met when we were younger // I was wild and rash // she was the good one // taking notes in class // they say good things never meant to last // momma moved her away and we took our separate paths // VERSE 2: met Julia again when I joined the service // love at second sight // yo she made me nervous // she told me during training she would die for me // thought back to when we first met in the library // first time I asked her out // first time she told me “yes” // we were kids back then // now we’re grown and in this mess // shipped off to Iraq but assigned to different places // hundred miles of blood and death separate our bases // VERSE 3: made it back from the desert but you kicked it with my homie // he was viscous and you didn’t seem to care that I was lonely // so I got another girl // her name’s Faye and she was fun // look I’m sorry miss Valentine // but Julia’s the one // VERSE 4: back together at last // and we’re having a ball // I’m not concerned with your past // cause Julia you’re my all // I’d give you my world // and all my possessions // it’s funny how close love is to obsession // but I’m feeling a change // suddenly you’ve turned cold // I’m beginning to see // all the lies that you’ve told // manipulated my heart // used it to your content // now I watch as you part // and I make my descent // you got close to my soul // and shattered it from within // and now I’m fallin fallen // like Original Sin
Track Name: Goons f/BDPS
Hopudoshi: yeah yeah yeah yeah // BRIDGE 1 BDPS: yeah we gone get tipsy to night // we gone get twisted tonight // Hopudoshi: that’s right // VERSE 1: ay yo it’s Saturday night // and yeah I’m feelin alright // honey’s on the left and my right // and homie they outta sight // outta mine that is // cause they was just walkin by // but I’m feelin fresh kid // headin to the front of the line // but the bouncer stops me // yo homie take it easy // I’m Hopudoshi // what? // ya’ll don’t know me // yeah I be low key // but these cats can’t hold me // never phony // got more game than Sony // here’s a copy of my CD // HD, 3D, that’s free // yeah man it’s on me // cause you up here lookin lonely // I musta said something wrong // and damn this meat head is strong // oh man this line’s fuckin long // now I’m about to miss my favorite song // BRIDGE 2: BDPS: cause in the club they playin // they playin // ladies shakin // they playin // yeah they playin // ladies shakin // CHORUS: put you hands up // in the air // here comes 5-0 // but we don’t care // just put yo hands up // wave em round // it’s getting hot yo // it’s burnin down // put you hands up // in the air // here comes 5-0 // but we don’t care // just put yo hands up // wave em round // forget yo worries // it’s time to clown // VERSE 2: yo it’s hot up in this club // why you not up in this club? // you ask how many hoes? // a lot up in this club // and they sweatin // and they lettin // the niggas take possession // in this settin // they ain’t frettin // and homie I am bettin // yeah I am bettin… // well you know what I am bettin // that’s right // yo the hedon inside is takin over me // ahh // is that TRD? // I’ve had my courage juice // aka Patron // like I’ve got the strength of ten men although I’m alone // these niggas bust into the room // I’m like “who are these goons? // ay yo who are these goons?” // but upon further inspection that’s just my homies // BDPS, BLB // drinks is on me // yeah // who are these goons? // yo who are these goons? // BRIDGE 1 & 2 (together) // CHORUS (x2)
Track Name: Alone in the Dark (Interlude)
Hop-Leo/Hopudoshi: the choppers // flyin over head // I know they want me dead // or fed to the Beast // I’m running in these streets // alone in the Dark // a solitary Spark // the bullets whizzing by // they barely miss their mark // they’re aiming for my Soul // trying to bring me in // where they want me to go // is worse than the pen // so I make my appeal // to the Real // as I steal // for some cover // I’m concealed // but revealed // as the helicopter hovers // lower to the ground // though I’m knowing that I’m found // sirens all around // as I’m tied and I’m bound // choppers as they fly // look like demons in the sky // coppers telling lies // as I ask myself “why?”
Track Name: Zer0
Hopudoshi: SPOKEN: capitalists of the earth // heed our warning // the proletariat shall rise again // stronger than ever before // the chains you have place on our brains have become rusted and corroded // yes we have noticed them // my fellow proletarians //reclaim your minds // break free from your binds // the time for revolution is upon us // what will be shall be // let it begin // yeah the people stand up // takin it back // takin it back // let’s go // VERSE 1: we’re takin it back to zero // equality // communism set the people free // if you need a hero // well follow me // Hopudoshi will lead the weak // we’ve got the numbers // it makes us strong // we’ve had real power all along // it’s our consciousness // that needs a lift // stand up rise and pump your fists // yeah you should be pissed // they’ve held us down // what goes around you know it comes around // comes around // what goes around // it comes around // SPOKEN: you all ready for this? // alright let’s go // stick to the plan // VERSE 2: me and my troops we’ve infiltrated // enemy lines // so far we’ve made it // without being seen // gotta hide yourself // this mission requires stealth // when you oppose those with lots of wealth // it’s bound to be bad for your health // driving down Wall Street late at night // loyal comrades on my left and right // we’re rollin slow without our lights // if we stick to the scheme we’ll be alright // but the bourgeoisie had other plans // it’s always hard going against the Man // hear bullets whizzing // choppers flyin // the rich and the coppers have an alliance // they say “hey commies, don’t you try it // we’re here to keep your voices silent // surrender now or you’ll all get killed // we don’t care about the lives of you filth” // turn to my troops // yo it’s time to run // rendezvous at check point one // rendezvous at check point one // SPOKEN: keep your head up comrades // keep your heads up // just because we failed once doesn’t mean it’s over // it’ll never be over // BRIDGE: I hear the choppers hoverin // they’re flyin over head // they’ve come for the resistance // I know they want us dead // VERSE 3: the story continues from yesterday // we just barely got away // some of my comrades didn’t make it // the war’s been cold // it’s hard to take it // they got my boy Che // and Lennin passed away // our camps in disarray // it’s time to make ‘em pay // but what am I gonna do // barely got any allies left // like my troops went deaf // I’ve got to make it through // if I wanna lead the rest // I gotta beat the best // so the psychological war begins // the philosophical war won’t end // fight economic injustice // of astronomical proportions // yeah // yeah // yeah // yeah // so the psychological war begins // the philosophical war won’t end // fight economic injustice // of astronomical proportion // yeah // yeah // yeah // yeah // SPOKEN: working men and women of the earth // this is the beginning of the end // the end of a new beginning // this is the dawning of a new age // and with it will bring a new system // phony communism is dead // long live real communism // let’s take it back // back to zero
Track Name: Artificial Light Age
VERSE 1: sometimes I feel like // I need spy ware for my brain // this crazy world // is gonna drive me insane // and you can YouTube this // Twitter it // update your facebook statuses // it’s madness // but the funny thing is // in a few years it might be irrelevant // be wary of // that artificial intelligence // and I don’t mean machines // I’m talkin bout humanity // cause we’re steadily // losing our humanity // in this mechanized society // the ghost within seems // to be losing steam // status // the situation’s catastrophic // Jersey Shore // the Situation // gotta stop it // we replace dirt and grass // with steel and glass // computers run our lives // pray that systems don’t crash // BRIDGE (x2): mecha-mecha-mecha-mechanized society // mecha-mecha-mecha-mechanized you and me //CHORUS (x2): unplug your brain // open up your mind // search through your heart // your soul you’ll find // BRIDGE (x2) // VERSE 2: I don’t think // that artificial light // is any better than the dark // so I wear my shades at night // I’m relegated to the city // in virtue of my skin tone // so I call the concrete jungle my home // I’m searching for the real Light // the real Light // striving to attain new mental heights // yeah // who can do without their cell phone // their cell phone // wanna see the world like the gnome // yeah // modern travel makes the world a smaller place // but my itinerary is for interstellar space (uh) // most stars illuminate the darkness they’re in // those ones are celestial (yeah) // but others delve us deeper into the darkness of ignorance // we call ‘em celebs yo (uh) // of course it’s not all bad // this modern technology // but I rue the day my PC does philosophy // yeah // yeah // yeah, yeah, yeah // yeah // yeah // yeah, yeah, yeah // BRIDGE (x2) // CHORUS (x2) // BRIDGE (x2) // BRIDGE & CHORUS (together x4)
Track Name: Resolve
VERSE 1: Hop-Leo: I contemplate the state of our existence // and witness // tragedy and misery // yo it’s hard for me to spit this // I get pissed // at the filthy rich // who don’t get this: // I am you and you are we // friends and enemies // and other dichotomies // praise and blame // both two sides of the same // coin // please join me in rectifying // these opposites // bring harmony to the violent // the silent // whisper of the numinous // we seem to exist // outside of the Luminous // will you resist // paradoxes of creation // reconciliation // or annihilation // CHORUS: Hopanova/Hop-Leo/Hopudoshi: it’s a sad, sad Day // such a blissful Night // put out the Dark // now we’re submerged in Light // flick the Darkness switch // but have no fear // the Sun has come // oh and the Moon’s still here // VERSE 2: Hopudoshi: my soul’s been beaten and battered // but still I rise like the Sun (/Son) // (Hop-Leo: but which one?) // my hearts been shackled and shattered // but still it beats like a drum // (Hop-Leo: here I come) // so I’ma meditate // try to concentrate // visualizing those Pearly Gates // try to find a way // for my wandering soul // to become whole // return to Grace // but I’m in this place // the here and now // the Earth is filthy // try to bring me down // but I’ma bring it up // you know what? // I’m feeling generous // so I’ma show you how // BRIDGE (x2): Hop-Leo (then Hop-Leo and Hopudoshi together): we want a common community // communism set the people free // it’s currently tyranny // exploitation by the bourgeoisie // CHORUS & BRIDGE
Track Name: Return (Outro)
SPOKEN: Unknown: “so you have come…”