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AoA is the album title and it stands for Age of Aquarius. I'm very interested in astrology and we are at the dawn of the age of Aquarius, which is a pretty big deal. The title is to show my progressive forward looking approach to the world. The album cover depicts the union of Aquarius (the water bearer) and Leo (a fire sign). This is because while in the northern hemisphere we are entering the age of Aquarius, in the southern hemisphere they are entering the age of Leo.

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, Hop-Leo Concept 101:

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.
The name Hopudoshi is a combination of my last name (Hopkins) and one of my favorite characters from the anime Inuyasha named Hakudoshi. Hopudoshi is an emotional, angry, and militant person. He holds nothing back and is not afraid to speak his mind, but can get out of control. Hopudoshi is very radical and revolutionary and is willing to go to almost any length to realize his goals.
Hopanova is a play on the name Casanova. Hopanova is the sensitive side. The seeker of love, peace, tranquility, and enlightenment. He is a pacifist and does not like violence of any kind. He wishes for a world where everyone understands each other and wants his loved ones to understand him. Hopanova seeks the love of his friends, family, and the Lord above all else.
Hop-Leo is my last name combined with my zodiac sign. Leo is my sun sign which is the sign that influences the way a person appears to the outside world. Likewise Hop-Leo is the most like the person I present to the outside world. He sort of encompasses Hopudoshi and Hopanova, but keeps them in check so they don’t get out of hand. He is the rational and logical one. Unlike Hopudoshi, he is restricted by his conscience. Unlike Hopanova, he realizes that some of Hopanova’s lofty goals are probably unattainable in the present time. Like Hopudoshi he seeks radical change, but is uneasy about the bloodshed that comes along with revolution. He seeks the same goals as Hopanova but is just not as comfortable with expressing it. Hop-Leo basically mitigates the other two, so that Hopudoshi won’t become too unruly and so Hopanova won’t get taken advantage of.


released December 21, 2009

Vocals by: Hopudoshi, Hopanova, Hop-Leo, Lil Lex, BDPS, Malcolm X
Produced by: Hopudoshi, Hopanova, Hop-Leo, BDPS



all rights reserved


Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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Track Name: Flowers on the Ground (Intro)
Title: Flowers on the Ground (Intro)
Artists: Hop-Leo, Hopudoshi, & Hopanova

Hop-Leo: Allow us to introduce myself. I’m Hop-Leo.
Hopudoshi: Tch. Hopudoshi here.
Hopanova: I’m called Hopanova.
All: And we’re gonna (Hopanova: going to) take you on a journey, so enjoy the ride.
Hop-Leo: Let’s see. Let’s see, where to start.
Hopanova: Yes, new beginnings are often difficult.
Hopudoshi: Ha, I’ll start it off. Since you two are always so indecisive. Anyway I’m the one who’s running this show.
Hop-Leo & Hopanova: Hmph.
Hopanova: Such an impatient and unruly brute. Always rushing into every situation without even stopping to plan.
Hopudoshi: Sorry it doesn’t take me 50 years to come to a conclusion. I follow my instincts and intuition. And right now they’re telling me to stomp you into the ground.
Hop-Leo: Hopudoshi don’t be hasty. There’s no need for violence here. And Hopanova no need for name calling.
Hopudoshi: You’re always taking his side.
Hopanova (same time): You always choose his side.
Hop-Leo: Look, why don’t you just both go at the same time, so we can avoid this conflict.
Hopudoshi: Heh, that works.
Hopanova: I suppose. But won’t you be joining us?
Hop-Leo: I’ll mostly be sitting back and taking it all in. But I’ll jump in eventually. I like to listen to what other people have to say sometimes. You know?
Hopudoshi: No (laughing).
Hopanova: Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.

We live in a beautiful world. Full of life and knowledge. The Ultimate has surely blessed us all. There is so much wisdom to be gained. So many gestalts to consider. Life. Every life ends in tragedy from some perspective. Every death is a mini Armageddon. Life should be enjoyed and celebrated while it lasts. But death should also be celebrated. For while it is an end, it’s also a new beginning.

Hopudoshi (in unison with Hopanova):
This world is rotten. The evils of capitalism pervade everything. There’s no unity among the people. It’s kill or be killed. There’s a tiny group of people oppressing everyone else. 90% of the world’s wealth is in 1% of the world’s population. What is wealth anyway? Is it tangible? Did we make it up? Is a person only wealthy if we perceive them as being so?

Hop-Leo: Wow. That’s crazy. I was thinking the same thing.
Hopudoshi: I’m not done yet.
Hopanova: Neither am I.

Hop-Leo (in unison with Hopudoshi and Hopanova):
Who am I? What am I? Do I exist? Does the world exist? What of Hopudoshi and Hopanova? Are they figments of my imagination? What should I do now? I don’t have enough knowledge to take action. Everyday I learn something that alters my views. I know nothing at all. How should the world be? Who should rule? Should any rule? Why don’t I know who I am? Are other people confused this way?......Man, I think I’m crazy.

Hopudoshi (in unison with Hop-Leo and Hopanova):
Why is it so hard for people to get along? Why can’t we understand each other? Like why is Hopanova such a punk?! And why is Hop-Leo so indecisive? I guess we’ve all got our problems. I will fix the world by any means necessary. In the words of El-Hajj Malik Shabazz. Why can’t they see things my way? But wait, they are me. I am we…us. Oh well, I’ll destroy capitalism one way or another! I won’t hold anything back. Even if I am crazy.

Hopanova (in unison with Hop-Leo and Hopudoshi):
I wish to attain harmony with Heaven and Earth. I wish for world peace. But brutes like Hopudoshi mess it up. And that shirk Hop-Leo is of little assistance. Maybe I should just find my own harmony. Maybe it isn’t worth it to help others. I’m better than them right? I must be closer to enlightenment than most. Especially those two. But I am them. Hmm…I must contemplate this further. Could it be? Could I be crazy?

Hop-Leo: One thing’s for sure…
Hopudoshi: But I know this…
Hopanova: This I’ve realized…
All: If we seek nothing but perfection, and look only to the stars in the sky, we will miss the flowers on the ground.
Track Name: Age of Aquarius
Title: Age of Aquarius
Artists: Hopudoshi, Hop-Leo, & Hopanova

It’s the dawn of the Age of Aquarius
This is the time for all of us
Everybody join hands, no cause for fuss
It’s not the end it’s Aquarius
Background Voice FX: Is this what you wanted (Repeat 4x)

Verse 1:
Some say approaching is the end of days
But it’s just the beginning of the new age
This is the time for revolutionary love
Replace the war hawk with the dove
No more pressure for conformity
You be you and I’ll be me
We’ll all join together, help humanity
Respect the knowledge gained by astrology
Awaiting the messiah, did he already come?
Barrack Hussein Obama anyone?
Is this wishful thinking or blasphemy
Will there ever be world wide unity
It’s time to realize ideology
Ideal communism will set the people free
But you don’t have to take it from me
Just look at the stars and you will see

**When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

Verse 2:
Don’t let Hop-Leo fool ya, it’s no utopia
Listen to my lyrics, yes I’m invoking ya
Hopudoshi keeps it all the way real
I bring it hardcore with rhymes you can feel
In this new age the religion is science
Everybody’s waiting for the newest appliance
The media hypes it and we buy it
Look at the success of Miley Cyrus
Television has dumbed us down
Without GPS we can’t get around
What happened to navigation with the stars?
One day the rich will vacation on Mars
Knowledge and science will be abused
The proletariat will still be used
Sorry I had to burst your bubble
But I’m not very good at being subtle

**Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation

Verse 3:
Hopudoshi & Hop-Leo:
Every age has positives and negatives
What’s important is the way that we handle it
We can destroy the world or create a better one
The Age of Aquarius, mankind’s kingdom
Time to rebel against the status quo
Stop the violence, love our foes
What exactly does this new age hold?
When does it start? No one knows
The new world order has it right
Diplomacy, not preemptive strikes
Nuclear disarmament, a safer planet
All of these developments like someone planned it
Let’s not lose our faith in the Ultimate
Science has its place, but it’s not all legit
Don’t let the T.V. control your brain
In this crazy world don’t go insane
Technology is great, but don’t be over reliant
Enjoy the beauty of nature, go head try it
The throne is being handed to our generation
It’s time to unite every nation
Practice equality and philanthropy
A general love of humanity
We can make utopia, it’s up to us
This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius

*Chorus 2x*
Track Name: Do the New Dance!!
Title: Do the New Dance!!
Artist: Hop-Leo

D-do the new dance
D-d-do the new
D-do the new
D-do the new dance
D-d-do the new
D-do the new
Do the new dance
D-d-do the new
D-do the new
Everybody clap your hands
D-d-do the new
D-do the new

Verse 1:
Everybody listen up this is new hip-hop
You don’t have to think, just pop and lock
Degrade our women; let’s call ‘em hoes
After the club we can ride on our foes
Let’s call each other what the slave master did
But it’s okay cause there’s a “ga” at the end
Is this really what hip-hop has become
Disgracing the greats like KRS-One
Knowledge reigns supreme, but it’s hard to tell
Won’t rap long cause it’s the hook that sells
Three second long attention spans
Glad to see hip-hop is in good hands

*Chorus 2x*

Verse 2:
Don’t get me wrong not trying to ruin the fun
But too much of anything will make you numb
Not trying to call the kids today dumb
Yo this one little shorty just pulled out his gun
He said, “Hop-Leo stop preaching to me
I don’t care about Slick Rick or Run DMC”
Turned to the young man and I just said
“Without these greats there’d be no Stinky Leg”
He just looked at me in disbelief
Then he calmed down a little, put away his piece
I said, “Yes young man this is all true
But it’s okay shorty just do what you do”

*Chorus 2x*

Verse 3:
Now listen as we ride
Do the newest dance on the east and the west side
Fellas wave guns, ladies shake your bums
Move a little bit more girl, I’m ready to um…
Wait a minute they can’t get me too
Am I really dancing round like these fools?
Hop-Leo gotta think about some knowledge man
But in this state of mind don’t know if I can
The beat’s got me Hypnotized
Feeling like I’m Ready to Die
Feel like I got All Eyes on Me
Souja Boy I Ain’t Mad at Cha G
Sometimes you gotta unwind and dance
Let the rhythm put you in a trance
But I wonder what hip-hop would be
If we still had Tupac and Biggie

*Chorus 3x*
Track Name: What Am I?
Title: What Am I?
Artist: Hopudoshi

What would the world be without me?
Would it be a better place or more grimy?
Would there be more peace, tranquility?
Or would mass chaos end up reigning supreme?

Verse 1:
I step up on the scene, I’m so fresh and clean
Everyone thinks I’m so interesting
I make their lives convenient, no more fussing
Now you all can stop specializing
I single handedly ended equality
There’s blood on me, I’m filthy dirty
In this world I reign supreme, I have the power
People slave away for me hour after hour
I give you more respect, you can have anything
Just to have me people steal, lie, and cheat
Put your trust in me, I’ll give you a better life
I can’t find you love, but I can get you a wife
I can do all this, but can’t bring happiness
If you ever lost me you might jump off a cliff
Or off a building, splat on Wall St.
I’m so valuable, but in reality
I’m as worthless as a shell by the sea
I’m the enemy of any commie
The irony, is technically I grow on trees
I’m the root of all evil, what I am is money


Verse 2:
I can destroy empires, and build up new ones
I’m known to inspire, but I can fool some
I explain to you where the sun comes from
I’m responsible for more death than every gun
I cause nations to war with one another
On the other hand I unite people as brothers
Then again I divide them worse than anything
Have you thinking the other side is worth killing
I’m better than any weapon at controlling the masses
Get ‘em while they’re young little lads and lasses
Running round carefree, still need hall passes
Then professors ridicule me in their college classes
I’m the greatest thing ever made or maybe the worst
I’ve saved the most people, but put the most in a hearse
I can make you a better person, fill you with love
Or I can make you strap on a bomb and blow yourself up
I’m guessing by now you think you figured me out
But for millions of years no one has figured me out
There’s just too many interpretations of me
What I am is religion you see


Verse 3:
I’m a disease spreading, killing slowly
I’m a virus that infects everything around me
I claim everything that I see as mine
Destroy that, move on, I do this all the time
When it come down to it, I’m responsible
For every single evil, that’s possible
Love and hate, I’ve got it all
In the beginning I had a fall
If you recall, throughout history
I’ve gained control of every country
Relatively I’m awfully weak
But I get by on my supreme cunning
I’m a cancer to the world and I’m growing
When it comes to me, there’s no slowing
I build and destroy, destroy and I build
Can’t tell how many living things I’ve killed
Everywhere I go death follows me
Can’t wait to take more, Earth’s too tiny
But I probably won’t get a chance to ruin space
I’ll eliminate myself, I’m the human race

*Chorus 2x*

I said what would the world be without me?
Can you tell me?
Track Name: Lost Souls f/ BDPS & Lil Lex
Title: Lost Souls
Artist: Hopanova

Left, left, left, right
Left, left, left, right

Chorus 1:
It’s alright, it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days
Remember MLK
He tried to lead the way
But he was shot one day
In the early morning
It’s alright, it’s alright now
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days

Verse 1:
Can’t help but wonder why
So soon the greats, they die
Seems the harder you try
God calls on you to fly
They affect us all
Lift up the ones who fall
Help us to stand up tall
Break down dividing walls
They bring us together
Make the whole world better
And we’ll decide whether
Our bonds we will sever
They rise up and fight
With every ounce of might
Uniting black and white
Everything will be alright

Chorus 2:
It’s alright, it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days
Remember JFK
He tried to lead the way
But he was blown away
On a sunny day
It’s alright, it’s alright now
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days

Verse 2:
How many wars will be fought?
Young able bodies being sought
A human life cannot be bought
Hope the soldiers’ sacrifice is not for naught
When the rich wage war it’s the poor that suffer
How long will it take to understand each other?
Hope one day we realize the dream
Of our heroes like Dr. King
Can’t let the lost souls’ death be in vain
Recognize deep down that we’re all the same
Spread love and peace like MJ tried to
Make the world a better place for me and you

Chorus 3:
It’s alright, it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days
Do you remember MJ?
He did it his own way
It makes me sad to say
He’s seen his final days
It’s alright, it’s alright now
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days

Chorus 4:
It’s alright, it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days
Remember Bigg and Pac
They really changed hip-hop
But then they both got shot
You know it hurt a lot
It’s alright, it’s alright now
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days
It’s alright, it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s ok
I’ve seen better days
Track Name: Dear Papa f/ Lil Lex
Title: Dear Papa
Artists: Hop-Leo f/ Lil Lex

Lil Lex: Daddy, Don’t you know we love ya
Hop-Leo: Dear Papa
Lil Lex: Sweet daddy, place no one above ya
Hop-Leo: You are appreciated
Lil Lex: Sweet daddy, don’t you know we love ya
Hop-Leo: Dear Papa
Lil Lex: Sweet daddy, place no one above ya
Hop-Leo: Thanks to you we made it

Verse 1:
Can’t thank you enough
For your sacrifice
Always showed me love
And gave me a better life
Coulda went to Princeton, been a ball player
But you stayed with me, chose to take care
Of your family, that’s how you showed me
The meaning of responsibility
I remember when I was young
And my friends would watch you dunk
They’d be so amazed and I’d have to say,
“Yep my dad’s just like MJ”
Working graveyard shift, manning the fork lift
Whipping the RX-7, it was awfully swift
You worked hard, gave us the tools
Made sure we were in good schools
Growing up you were my best friend
Playing NBA Live, hard to defend
Street Fighter II, yes it’s true
Battles with Chun Li, forget about Ryu
There’d be Knockout Kings and other things
Dog fights with Fox in Arwings
Even little Lex would play her part
Staying up all night in the Perfect Dark


Verse 2:
Thanks to you we made it father
We’ll be calling OSU our alma mater
Before that I was in Iraq
And I finally let you know one simple fact
I love you, didn’t know I never said it
To you dad, I’ll always be indebted
If one of us should ever be in a tangle
We’ll be fighting back to back like Connor and Angel
Even Wolf, Ram & Hart couldn’t tear us apart
In the end Luke Sky was by the side of Darth
Hard to break the bond between father and son
I pray mine will be as strong with my little one
Apollo reconciled with Admiral Adama
A child needs more than just his mama
Without a dad little boys are Lost
That’s why to save Walt, Micheal’d pay any cost
I can talk to you about anything
You even listen when I try to sing
Keep an open mind to my radical views
Probably ‘cause I got most of ‘em from you
Chaotic neutral, I’m chaotic good
You can be my Che Guevara in the hood
By any means necessary
Can’t tell you how much you mean to me

Verse 3:
Lil Lex:
Yeah, it’s your birthday
But it’s everyday
That we appreciate
All the love you gave
And continue to
That’s why we love you
You’re our daddy
Our daddy

*Chorus 2x*
Track Name: For You
Title: For You
Artist: Hopanova

For You I would die
For You I would live
For You I would cry
Nothing I wouldn’t give
For You I would pray
For You I would fight
I think of You all day
And I dream of You each night

Verse 1:
Just recently saw you for the first time
Now You’re the only One that’s ever on my mind
Word can’t express how I love You
You’re the reason that the sky is blue
Yes it’s true, what I said before
You changed my world when You came through the door
You are more than just a girl to me
What You are is everything
If the universe was just the two of us
If up was down and down was up
It’d be ok, because I’d have my yang
My opposite, to keep me tame
My eyes burn red with love for You
When I look into Yours there’s nothing I won’t do
Because of You I feel like I can soar
You intoxicate me, I want more and more
You’re dangerous, because for You I’d do anything
Hilarious, never considered a wedding ring
Monogamy to me was only for fools
I’d settle down with You, I’d break all my rules


Verse 2:
Now I crawl into Your arms after my greatest struggle
You don’t have to be alarmed all I wanna do is hug You
In You there’s a comfort that is matched by no other
It’s akin to a child who’s embraced by his mother
I’m in awe before You, I stand in reverence
But please I implore You, I can’t take a severance
Sorry if I ever hurt You, it was unintentional
You still accept me, though I can be unconventional
You’re more beautiful than Helen of Troy
You’re presence brings me eternal joy
You’ve got boundless creativity, I’m very impressed
Around You my hearts activity is never at rest
Opposite signs, green eyes, with mine burning red
They attract, look at that, just like they always said
Yin and yang, I’m the flame and You are the air
Make me stronger or no longer, it’s quite a pair
Just upon us is Your age in this hemisphere
Water bearer may bring terror, should we be scared
But there’s no cause for worry if You’re here too
I’m most frightened of not being the one for You

Track Name: Unite
Title: Unite
Artist: Hopudoshi *(unmitigated)

Spoken: To the oppressed peoples of the earth. It’s time to unify!

Women, Blacks, poor
It’s time to unite, stand, rise, fight
Against the machine.
Take back what’s yours
Proletariats rise, open your eyes
Go head and scream!
We demand more
Let’s take to the streets, rally, march, preach
To realize the dream.
We declare war
I’m talkin’ real coup de grace, kill the king
It’s a whole new regime!

Verse 1:
Hopudoshi unmitigated, unleashed
Take the message to the people in the streets
Fucked up giving me freedom of speech
Now I’ll take you out without the heat
Didn’t wanna use violence before
Now I see that we have to war
Took me a minute to realize
We can only win with your demise
But this ain’t the doctrine of hate
This is just for us to escape
From the ruthless exploitation
We experience in this great nation
We call for capitalisms fall
We demand equality for all
I know this order is tall
But it’s time for breakin’ the law
Don’t let the bourgeoisie
Divide you and me
They want us fighting each other
But we gotta unite like brothers
And sisters, every color
Feminism’s not just for your mother
It’s time to rise and fight
Women take back the night
Gotta stop the rapists and misogynists
Every oppressed person is a part of this
Even if you’re a rich, white, male
Join the cause, with you we can’t fail
Communism will set the people free
Men and women follow me
Black, red, white, yellow, brown
It’s time to break the walls down


Verse 2:
Some say, “Death to America!”
Can’t lie, I used to feel ya
But this is my country too
I’ve fought for this red, white, and blue
But there’s serious changes, rearranges
Turn the pages on your history, time for part two
The solutions revolution
Through human evolution and experience, what can’t we do?
Excuse me miss reporter
It’s time for the, new world order
Fox News I know you don’t like this
Don’t have to be psychic, but I’m gonna hype this
We all are witnesses
Not to Lebron James, to the market crisis
How long can we take this?
I’m tired of the games, it’s time to resist
So many fabrications, ignore United Nations
When they talk about racists
I’m waiting for the lies to end
Put down the sword and pick up the pen
The ink of a scholar’s
Worth more than the blood of a martyr
More important than millions of dollars
Gotta break free of these chains and these collars
Don’t let ‘em control your mind
The bourgeoisie would steal from the blind
This is psychological war
The casualties are more than before
They’re women, blacks, gays, poor
We gotta fight, though there’s gonna be gore
Go to the powers, kick in the door
Let’s get on the wings of the movement and sore


Women, minorities, poor, the proletariat, it’s time to unite. Combine our resources. We’re stronger together than we ever will be apart. Don’t let the bourgeois capitalist’s divide and conquer strategy work against us. It’s time to think globally. Unite with our sisters and brothers around the world. It’s ok to love America, but America isn’t all there is. There’s a whole world out there that we’re a part of. The global community. We’re all neighbors, so love everybody. It’s time to take down this machine. But we can only combat the power structure if we take it on together. So let’s rise up, make some noise and take back what’s ours. We can do this. I know you can. Hopudoshi signing off.
Track Name: Way to the Dawn
Title: Way to the Dawn
Artist: Hopanova featuring Hop-Leo

Riku*: This world is perfect for me. If this is what the world really is…just this. Then maybe I should fade back into Darkness.
Sora: Riku…
Riku: If the world is made of Light and Darkness…we’ll be the Darkness.

We start in: The Light
Then seduced by: The Twilight
We fall in: To Darkness
Then we search for: The Dawn
We come back to: The Light
Then seduced by: The Twilight
We fall in: To Darkness
Then we search for: The Dawn
This eternal cycle goes on and on
This eternal cycle goes on and on

Verse 1:
I’m in the Dark, but I’m unafraid
It gets hard, but at least I know my name
Just can’t let go of my ego
Gonna take for a ride now hear we go
What is life, what’s reality?
Why do we place such value on identity?
Some say All is All and All is each
But the numinous feeling you cannot teach
The Darkness isn’t so bad if you can’t bear the Light
It’s no surprise that people fear its might
The Awe is awful if you’re not prepared
Words just can’t describe how you’ll be scared
There’s comfort in Darkness, in oneself
But that can manifest the worst Hell
My pride, my pride has such a hold on me
But nothing is worse than being lonely
What if I was all there was?
What if this was all made up?
Can’t image a worse scenario
Solipsism shows the grandiose human ego
I’ve been trying and trying to rid myself of it
But my personal being I just can’t help but covet
I know that in my life I’ve done wrong
That’s why I’m searching for the way to the Dawn


Verse 2:
I lied before, I am scared of the Dark
Scared of what prolonged exposure can do to the heart
I’m looking for a way out, not sure if I’ll find it
If you could view your life over would you rewind it?
Would you be racked with guilt over the things you’ve done?
Could you go before God or the Son?
The Awe is awesome if you can make it
But the Light is blinding, it’s hard not to forsake it
Even though it’s offered many choose not to take it
Hop-Leo**: From The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The departed soul is described as shrinking in agony from the Pure Light of the Void, and even from the lesser, tempered Lights, in order to rush headlong into the comforting darkness of selfhood as a reborn human being, or even as a beast, an unhappy ghost, a denizen of hell. Anything rather than the burning brightness of unmitigated Reality—anything!
Verse 2 continued:
Gotta let go of my selfhood, stop being unregenerate
Walk to where the well stood, see no reflection in it
Travel far and wide, but don’t pick up my pivot
I know that we must die, Lord please give me a minute
I wanna embrace the Light, I’ve made the decision
But I’m not quite ready for the Beatific Vision
I know that I’ve been treading in Darkness too long
That’s why I’m searching for the way to the Dawn
That’s why I’m looking for my way to the Dawn


Riku***: What are you making me choose now?
DiZ: Between the road to Light and the road to Darkness
Riku: Neither suits me. I’m taking the middle road
DiZ: Do you mean the Twilight road to Nightfall?
Riku: No. It’s the road to Dawn
Track Name: 2012 f/ BDPS
Title: 2012
Artists: Hop-Leo, Hopudoshi, Hopanova, & BDPS

Chorus 1:
All’s end
Gonna lose it all
All’s end
Will we fall?
All’s end
Gonna lose it all
All’s end
We can’t stall

Verse 1:
The Mayans predicted it, 2012
Winter solstice, can’t protect ourselves
End of the calendar or 13
Either doomsday or unlucky
Will there be an ELE
The ending of humanity
Guess we’ll see how far we’ve come
Doubt we can stop it with our guns
They’re too short to box with the Fates
12-21-12: expiration date
It’s looking bleak for my perfect state
Wonder who’ll get in the Pearly Gates
Magnetic reversal of our poles
North and south switch on our globe
Collision with planet Nibiru
It’s the end for me and you
Solar flare we’re up in smoke
Our whole existence just a cosmic joke
A super nova light years away
It could reach us any day
How exactly will we fade?
Will our destruction be man made?
Hostilities between nations are rising
I see the Four Horsemen on the horizon

Chorus 2:
All’s end
Gonna lose it all
All’s end
Who makes the call?
All’s end
Gonna lose it all
All’s end
Who has the gall?

Verse 2:
The Mayan calendar is cyclical
How much did they even know?
No need to be hysterical
Making everyone’s spirits low
Hopudoshi don’t cause a fuss
Beautiful times are ahead of us
A shift in human conscious
Clouds burst, the Heavens open up
Don’t worry about the material world
What’s ending is the material girl
When the clouds open we’ll all be graced
With cosmic energy from a higher place
Spiritual transition for mankind
After the awakening we won’t be blind
We’ll be taken to a higher level
In this new age where all can revel
Don’t fret over tales of doomsday
That negative energy will be gone soon ‘kay
Water bearer will come and cleanse it
Just hope she doesn’t take us with it
The Age of Aquarius is drawing near
Spread the word so all can hear
The Kingdom of Man shall be on Earth
Heaven’s the Ultimate, but we’ll enjoy this first

Chorus 3:
All’s end
Is it an end at all?
All’s end
We’ll stand tall
All’s end
Is it an end at all?
All’s end
We won’t fall

Verse 3:
This sounds to me like Y2K
The new scare tactic of the day
But anything’s possible in this universe
Hope things get better instead of worse
I won’t claim to know what’s to come
I’m not Nostradamus or the One
All I can say is that our lives are short
What’re the odds of something of this sort?
So grand and mystifying
Taking place in our lifetimes
What they’re selling, not sure I’m buying
Hopanova please don’t pine
That picture of the future seems wonderful
But it also may be unattainable
Hopudoshi’s world looks awfully grim
Knowing what’s to come is always dim
The end of President Obama’s term
2012, which way will we turn?
Will we reelect or turn our backs?
Will he have a positive impact?
Will the New World Order come to fruition?
Will nations unite, improve the human condition?
Hope in this new age we cooperate
This time around avoid apples and snakes

Chorus 4:
All’s end
Gonna lose it all
All’s end
Will we fall?
All’s end
Who makes the call?
All’s end
Who has the gall?
All’s end
Is it an end at all?
All’s end
We’ll stand tall
All’s end
Is it an end at all?
All’s end
We won’t fall
Track Name: Valley of Darkness
Title: Valley of Darkness f/ Malcolm X
Artists: Hop-Leo, Hopudoshi, & Hopanova

Malcolm X

Verse 1:
Would someone please tell me the explanation? In this nation
We/Blacks continue to be publicly shunned
What have we done?
Breaks we get none
We need some collaboration
Put down the guns
Empty the clips of all bullets
Please read my lips
Listen to my voice
You have a choice
There is still hope
If you’re not content with this bullshit then get out and vote
The world needs us
In God we trust
But you know we must stand on our two feet
And in this land can’t accept defeat

We won’t be beat
We won’t be beat
We won’t be beat
We can’t be beat

Malcolm X

Verse 2:
I’m not about white guilt, but somebody was guilty
If you’re wondering why take a look at these families
Who are still reaping, and benefiting
From the centuries, of legal slavery
We demand equality, don’t wanna have to get mean
But sometimes it seems, that in this country
To get results, sometimes it’s necessary to show your teeth
Demonstrating, that was the 60’s
But if you want America to listen then it’s militancy

Whoa slow down Hopudoshi. You gotta breath. You know you want peace.

Verse 2 continued:
I’m sorry, the topic enrages thee
And if you’re not like me, you can’t quite understand
Growing up in this land, I’m taking a stand
It’s been stolen from us, yeah our dignity
Now the powers that be preach equality
I’d like to believe, but I’m still wary
Of 400 plus years of lies and deceit
But we won’t be beat
No we won’t be beat
We can’t be beat


Malcolm X

Verse 3:
They try and make it seem blissful; like things are improving
But if life was Risk oh, you know we’d/(the blacks would) be losing
This gets under my skin yo, it hurts like a contusion
But instead of my body, it’s my soul that’s bruising
If this is confusing then pick up a dictionary
Next to revolutionary’s a picture of Hop staring
Right back at ya, I’m just trying to capture
Your hearts and minds
Because for us/blacks to feel rapture
We gotta get high
This may be out line
But finding happiness true, for us in reality
Is about as taboo as bestiality
But don’t get mad at me, I’m just keeping it real
They stole us from our land; now get mad when we steal
Go head and eat your veil, you damn bourgeoisie
This is how I feel, can call me commie, can call me commie (Hopudoshi: me commie)
Enjoy your wealth and your plasma, try to take away welfare
While my father’s got asthma and he can’t afford healthcare
Well I’ll be right there should you have an attack
I’ll spend my last dime just trying to bring ya back
Plenty of youngsters out there just like me
Doing what they can to help their family
And by that I mean, their whole community
And if we be altruistic we won’t be beat

Chorus 2:
No we won’t be beat
Call me commie
We won’t be beat
Can call me commie
We won’t be beat
Can call me commie
Won’t accept defeat
Call me commie
Go head Malcolm preach

Malcolm X
Track Name: Rev-I.S.
Title: Rev-I.S.
Artists: Hop-Leo & Hopudoshi

It’s time. Time for the spies to practice what they preach. Do what they say to do. Give what they want. And don’t take what they don’t want to be taken. Freedom—Equality. Individuality—Altruism. Balance.

Verse 1:
We fighting for Iraqi freedom, but did Iraq need freedom?
Most of the civilians saying, “Bush, we don’t need him”
Pushing our views and democracy
American imperialism is what I see
And that’s mixed with a scoop of hypocrisy
We bombed they country over WMDs
But we got those in the land of the free
Nagasaki, Hiroshima anybody
What gives us the right to decide what’s right?
We claim something’s wrong now it’s time to fight
Now I’m in Tikrit scared to sleep at night
That fifty cal fire’s got my eyes shut tight
But don’t call me a coward for fearing war and IEDs
Courage without fear Aristotle calls extreme (Hopudoshi: …fear is called stupidity)
Love thy neighbor unless they’re across seas
Is that what they teach in Christianity?
Nah, but when convenient they ignore the scriptures
Rather look up sites with the nudie pictures
Rather stack cash give it to the strippers
Whoops my bad now I sound like a preacher

We don’t need anyone telling us what to do any longer. All we need is to realize the ideals you’ve been preaching all this time. ‘Cause it’s our time and your time, the together time.

Verse 2:
So what is freedom, is it democracy?
‘Cause if that’s the case, America’s not free
What we see is actually a republic
Democracy’s a more romantic term for its subjects
Rule by the people is what democracy is
Says nothing about electing representatives
Minority rule is what it’s coming down to
Only rich can get elected and they are the few
Bush, Kerry, Nadar never represented my views
Rich old fakers, never walked in my shoes
False consciousness has got us thinking capitalism’s working
But they’re scared the specter of communism’s still lurking
Wake up people see the surplus value
See how big business gets over on me and you
Everybody satisfied with their little house and mini coupe
Break the mental chains, it’s time to start a mini coup
True, it’s about as risky as Knievel
But this competition brings out the worst human evils
Peace and cooperation would be so utopian
Marx called for revolution, but can we really win
I’m more about a peaceful solution
Hopudoshi’s for awareness not war and murdering
Call my views un-American and unpatriotic
Won’t apologize for being black and having some knowledge
And having some knowledge
Won’t apologize for being black and having some knowledge
And having some knowledge
Won’t apologize for being black and having some knowledge

There was a time when I wanted to destroy you and everything you stood for. That time has pasted, fortunately for you. But it’s time for you to leave us alone. Let us live, we’ll let you live. We no longer need you babysitting us. What we need is acceptance. We’ll accept you, you accept us. Live and let live. Peace. Hop-Leo signing off.
Track Name: Home
Title: Home
Artists: Hopudoshi, Hopanova, & Hop-Leo

Verse 1:
It’s the rebirth
When will it end?
I can’t pretend
This is the first
I hunger and thirst
But I can’t go Home
So here I roam
Is this a curse?
It’s not the worst
Though I may be doomed
Is there a spoon?
Will I be consumed?
Can I let go
Of my ego
Avoid the snow
I just don’t know
I’m only human
So that implies
That when I die
I won’t reach the sky
I’ll be born again
And then again
And then again
When will it end?

What’s this?! Heh. Guess I got my answer. Hopudoshi signing off.

Verse 2:
I’m trying to escape…samsara
I’m trying to embrace…the Power
I’m searching far and wide…for Home
Scared all I’ll do is hide…alone
This here is my plea to the skies above
Hoping You’ll accept me with Your eternal love
I know that I’m not perfect, but no human is
Is evil really part of our essence?
I know that I’m a member of the fallen ones
Wonder what must be done for You to call on us
Don’t want to ruin Your Kingdom with my unworthiness
So I’m willing to accept rebirth if that’s Your wish

Am I…I’m fading. *sigh of relief* I see. Thank you. I leave it to you Hop-Leo. Hopanova signing off.

Verse 3:
What is the world and how do I fit in it?
I know nothing at all and not afraid to admit it
What awaits me when it’s said and done?
Is it a burning lake like the sun?
Or is it the moon, barren, cold, and gloom?
Either way it goes, sounds to me like doom
Where do you reside O Glorious One?
Even if I could find You, would I come?
I’m looking Home, am I already here?
At the same time You invoke love and fear
Wait a minute, think I figured it out
You’ve been here all along, there’s no doubt
Let me apologize for the sins I’ve committed
Hope in the highest court I’ll be acquitted
But if I’m not please just know this
This life You’ve given me has been a gift
I think I’ve finally realized the Truth
The entire universe is under Your Roof
The entire universe is under Your Roof
I said I think I’ve finally realized the Truth
The entire universe is under Your Roof

Heh, looks like it’s my time. Wonder what’ll happen next. But I am at peace. I am one. I am nothing. And Everything is Everything. Hop-Leo signing off.
Track Name: Conclusion: Rebirth (Outro)
Title: Conclusion (Rebirth)
Artists: Hop-Leo, Hopanova, & Hopudoshi

Hop-Leo: What happened? Where am I?
Hopanova: Did we make it?
Hopudoshi: Tch. I doubt it.
Hop-Leo: Hopanova? Hopudoshi? You’re…
Hopudoshi: Alive and kickin’ Hop-Leo. Disappointed?
Hopanova: I’m not sure “alive” is the correct word to express our current state.
Hop-Leo: What’s going on here?
Hopanova: It seems we’ve failed. But where did I go wrong? This must be Hopudoshi’s fault.
Hopudoshi: That’s it! I’m gonna…
Hop-Leo: Stop! This is no time to fight. We have to figure out what’s going on. Why we’re here.
Hopudoshi: Tch. Wherever that is.
Hopanova: It appears we’re in some sort of limbo. Perhaps awaiting rebirth?
Hop-Leo: Oh. So you’re right, we didn’t make it.
Hopudoshi: Oh well, that suits me just fine. I’ll take another crack at life.
Hopanova: Brute. You understand so little.
Hopudoshi: You ever stop and think that maybe you’re the one who doesn’t understand! Maybe you should start looking at life as a gift to be cherished rather than a burden.
Hopanova: I do. It’s just…I thought there was more.
Hop-Leo: I see now why we weren’t accepted. We can’t even get along with myself. What have we really learned? I just hope we’re not stuck here. That we get another chance.
Hopanova: Is it really so bad here? It’s peaceful.
Hopudoshi: Yeah, I kind of like the Dark.
Hop-Leo: Wait, behind you. What’s that Light?
Hopudoshi: Oh…
Hopanova: It’s behind you too.
Hopudoshi: We’re surrounded by Light.
Hop-Leo: We were so busy looking inward that we missed the Light all around us.
Hopanova: It’s beautiful…
Hopudoshi: Yeah…
Hopanova: Let’s go towards it.
Hop-Leo: Looks like it’s time.
All: Rebirth…