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Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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Track Name: Celestial Lovers
BRIDGE: my darling departed // I hardly got started // with you // and now I'm falling fainthearted // I'm calling you from the Moon (repeat) // CHORUS: this twilight, it's alright // but this darkness is just so bright // that it's blinding me and my soul might // just burn out for the whole night // my soul might // just burn out for the whole night // VERSE 1: look to the Sky // can't see the sun (son) // cause you took my eyes // you're the only one // and you only won // ask the Holy One // to pick up the pieces // make me wholly one // if you could hear my heart beat this sad tune // know it's pumping fast as a sonic boom // just blasted off dark-sided moon // now I'm zooming past these Martian dunes // and that's just for you // carved out a hole in my chest for you // and I really don't know if that's best for you // but I can't help wanting to be next to you // Love Celestial // all the other girls so less than you // every time our bodies touch it's electrical // everything about you majestical // you're so far away // and even though I travel through night and day // it's really all night in the void of space // stuck in the dark, never enjoyed the chase // or is this a race? // say I need space // but you ran away // now I'm all alone in this damaged place // flew from my home, I'ma land with haste // gotta see my mate // soul burning out // can I keep the pace? // had to reroute the course of fate // but I can hardly wait // till I see your face // but in this current state // the darkness seeps deep // to the seat of my soul // I wanna be whole // but will get home // or destined to roam? // *CHORUS* // *BRIDGE* // VERSE 2: spent so much time, vacuum of space // I am become darkness // as my soul fades without a trace // fear I will become sparkless // ha // never heartless though // all the other folks on a need to know // on a search for your soul // said I need to go // look back at a dot shining indigo // farewell to Gaia // now I'm on the move, seek something higher // my soul fizzles out, situation dire // wonder if this star ship will become my pyre // then I recall the fire // Celestial Love // burning desire // I said it's forever, don't make me a liar // I'm gonna get to you before I expire // so far from the sun (son) // frigid in the void // it's making me numb // am I just done? // I try to avoid taking the plunge // to the darkness of space // it's just too late // I'm ending the race // such a pretty place // could shimmering stars be the Pearly Gates? // message received // I yank on the tether, I fall to my knees // through the airlock I squeeze // run to the terminal, see what it reads: // "Hello, my love // I found a new home // it's perfect for us // it's not too far // hurry to me, Your Sun and Stars" // but the fuel is gone... // *CHORUS*
Track Name: Rebel's Revival
The rebel is back (repeat 3x) // prepare for attack // it's the return of the rebel // the revival of the revolution // we're battling devils // now our rivals took the institutions // they've tested our mettle // the survival of our resolution // but we'll never settle // til we've seen the day of retribution // restitution of democracy // for the people by the people // all the people, everybody's equal // drew your line in the sand on November 8th // showed your hate // divided we stand now, sealed our fate // it's too late // but nothing's really changed, it's just out in the open now // dirty laundry raining down // hear the sound // of Lady Liberty's lament // cheers of 1% // but since we're roses in cement // still we won't relent // if Tony Stark is your man // why can't Trump be your president? // with Dark (K)nights ahead // would Bruce really be discontent? // and since the world's gone mad again // they want you to be as silent as a mannequin // (challenge 'em) // and now America's showing its colors true // blood red, white supremacist movement, and pig blue // but we've seen this before // now the war's on again // we will weather the storm // Light will win // in the end // and there's only one way we can stave off the hate // Revolutionary Love here to save the day // and if I ever switch sides like the homie Kanye // look me right in the eyes and just show me how you say // that // the rebel is back // the rebels are back (repeat 7x) // prepare to attack
Track Name: Dreamer's Anthem (prod. Crisis Sparks)
VERSE 1: turn me up in your speakers // share the sound // this is for the Bliss seekers // hear me now // and no matter how they try they can’t bring us down // sing it loud // never bring us down // dream on and on // if you feel the inspiration you can sing a long // let tell a little something that is never wrong: // we are always right where we belong // hey, that’s the truth right there // in this tiny little world there’s only Love and Fear // keep a smile on your face, don’t you shed a tear // it’s a slippery slope // but Hope trumps Despair // CHORUS: when I’m gone // you’ll sing my song // but while I’m here // lend me your ear // VERSE 2: while you’re waiting on your time to shine // keep in mind everything will be fine as wine // though the haters make you feel you’re on the firing line // tell em get they own and stop admiring mine // if you’re ready then let’s begin // and remember True Happiness is from within // keep it real, be yourself, and don’t ever pretend // when in doubt play this over again and again // and Hopudoshi will always defend // the rebels, the outcasts all are my kin // and in the End we’ll Rise so high // together we’ll Ascend // in the Skies we’ll fly // in this Higher Space // we’ll find our Place // along the way conquer Fears we face // and when I’m gone // don’t long // but remember this // I’m alive in your heart when you reminisce // *CHORUS* // VERSE 3: so while I’m here // sing it clear // we’ll find the Bliss // live in the now, it’s a gift // don’t pine or miss // and if you’re feeling the vibe and you can’t resist // hold your head up with pride // join our side // enlist // so this up in your speakers // share the sound // this is for the Bliss seekers // hear us now // and no matter how they try they can’t bring us down // sing it loud // never bring us down
Track Name: Dear Boonsri
She was product of the slums // I’m talkin real ones // and I ain’t politicing on this, son // I’m waxing feelsome // she was a born beauty named Boonsri* // her life suay** though she’s suay** // that’s beauty in Thai, man // her curse was beauty // and even in Thailand // she’s more than a cutie // and now it’s my duty to tell the tale of school girl // I couldn’t save from this cruel world // she was my student, my nakrian*** // and I failed her in multiple ways, but not again // she failed my class // I wouldn’t let her pass // didn’t consider her troubled past // or current destructive path // her pain was vast // precocious emotions // and now the notion of coping with smoking // opened her fast // got her supply from the older boys // and all they asked was for her, she was overjoyed // VERSE 2: she was ashamed of her beautiful tanned skin // bleaching creams in her cupboards but can’t win // and though the Thai boys said she was too dark // they still used her, but she needed a new start // she made herself up, headed to Calsan Road // where the foreigners roam // and the story unfolds // they’d feed her drink, compliment her exotic skin // and though she was minor, seemed to be an allotted sin // (Boonsri, listen to me) // and if you got wrecked less // you wouldn’t be so reckless // laying in a wet mess // with a pearl necklace // shame // but who’s to blame? // the players or the game // the pain is all the same // it never seems to wane // the rain’s aflame // burning umbrellas, burning rubbers // just cummers, no lovers // bury your tears under the covers // but hotel rooms they make you feel like you're a stewardess // and that was your goal but now your dreams are saying "you are missed" // VERSE 3: her mom and dad wasn't there for her // sisters and brother never cared for her // her uncle used to touch her // he'd tell her that he loved her // he'd use it as a buffer // now this is what she suffered // her friends told me, "Teacher, teacher! // Boonsri's gone and you need to seek her // she's fascinated by the English speakers // so maybe if you find her finally you can reach her" // I suited up to atone for sins // in a city where a 50 gets your bone a win // had a seat at your show, I think you knew I was watching ya // you shone among the shady business lady's of Pattaya // requested your service so we could make our escape // you were looking so nervous like we were on our first date // you screamed, "Run Teacher! they know why you've come!" // and through commotion and choking you still proceeded to plead with them // you said, "Teacher! I know that you were mad at me // but I won't let this end in tragedy // I'm gonna save you like you tried to do me!" // and so from you Boonsri, I learned of true beauty // even through your scarlet tears // when he cut you and your Soul released through the air // you're finally flying with beautiful Mother Earth // born with beauty, wish you were given another curse

*Boonsri = Female Thai name, meaning beautiful
**suay (flat tone) = Thai for “curse”; suay (rising tone) = Thai for beautiful
***nakrian = Thai for student
Track Name: Symposium: Against All Odds
CHORUS: nothing is Forever // (this can’t be life) // nothing is for Real // (this can’t be Love) // nothing makes it better // (this can’t be right // it’s gotta be wrong // it/this just can’t be us) VERSE 1: thought you were the One // thought you were my All // before we had a son // in love, I never thought I’d fall // then you came along and you shattered my convictions // the woman of my dreams up to then defied description // now listen // I’m only gonna say this once // whatever happens now I wouldn’t trade those happy months // you made the world such a better place to be // don’t tell me that that’s over now, we’ll have to wait and see // so this is my symposium on Love // euphoria can lead you down to odium unplugged // against all odds, Hopudoshi won’t choke // though the words that I wrote // are getting caught in my throat // I wander through Strawberry Fields // wondering how undying love’s been repealed // I’m wishing that my sleeve had a shield // but who could of known my heart would need to be healed // *CHORUS* // BRIDGE: showed me everything there is to know about Love // then you broke my heart // I know that you will never get enough // VERSE 2: some say Love is the Ground of Being // but it seems to me Love is what War precedes // or maybe it’s the very same thing // two sides of a coin forged engagement rings // you used to cling and I asked for you to loosen up // and now you’re gone so I’m the cause of my seclusion, huh? // just take a look at me now // before my sorrows are drowned // this emptiness tears me down // now that you’re not around // Love creates, and Love destroys // elated my heart and then negated my Joy // at least our union made a beautiful boy // your yearning was quenched, it was a suitable ploy // regarding Love, seems the Jedi were right // but I won’t slip to the Dark, I’m holding tight to the Light // all that matters now is walking Sky through life // pray he learns from my mistakes and force dodge my strife // Love // *CHORUS* // VERSE 3: you wanted change? Look at me now // this is so not Hopudoshi’s style // already sold my Soul to you // so what’s the point in staying true // Love can make you do crazy shit // followed my heart, now I pay for it // given the choice of those paths again // follow my dreams to the very end // *CHORUS* // *BRIDGE*
Track Name: The Brain 2Pac Sparked
VERSE 1: Hopudoshi’s back // got a little sidetracked // please forgive me for that // it seems, young love had me blind to the facts // but my vision’s clear now and my mind is intact // it’s time to finish what I started with AoA // honor the dear departed and our martyrs won’t fade away // 2012 came and went without a hitch // Obama reelected but the rich are still rich // poor stay poor // there’s more and more // this poverty’s gotta be false dichotomy // rebelling there’s no stopping me // so I’ll either be the brain that Pac sparked // or a link in the chain, lead my people from out the dark // VERSE 2: man, that was back in ’94 // 20 years or more // now we’re breaking down the door // and my first instinct is blame the president // but all of us our linked because the people set the precedent // no longer resident // escaped from the States // had a wife and kid, as of late feeling safe // took a break from the cause // I’ll admit my mistake // rebel without a pause // just can’t wait to Awake // the many people sleep walking today // seemed we Awoke from the slumber back in 2008 // but right after the election it was back to our ways // like, “Barrack’ll handle that,” back to something that pays // democracy’s responsibility is play your part // raise your voice, speak your mind, let em know what’s in your heart // so we’ll either be the brains that 2Pac sparked // or the link in the chains // lead ourselves from out the dark // VERSE 3: yeah, that “somebody’s” us // I know you had it tough // and rarely had enough // but // the main way they make us stay in check // is making sure we can’t see passed our next paycheck // how are we to fight for abstract ideals // for the future generations // when we can’t even deal // with the current situation // and I make my appeals // for these massive demonstrations // still our people won’t yield // I’m trying to shield my son from this mess // make a better society // he deserves nothing less // so he’ll only see poverty // on a history test // can’t conceive the dichotomy of the rich and the rest // erasing inequality is justice to me // can we achieve the dream // guess we must wait and see // but we’ll either be the brains that 2Pac sparked // or the links in the chain, lead ourselves from out the dark
Track Name: Moonshine upon a Puddle
SPOKEN: Yo, take a second to think about all the billions of people on the planet. Then think about the fact that each of those people has a life and a mind as complicated as your own. All those thoughts, all those feelings. Unfathomable. VERSE 1: wait a minute give me time to reflect // I give my rhymes to dissect // so that our minds intersect // make no limits I’m inclined to perfect // and it’s a sign of respect // when I resign, introspect // now what are we to do about the universe // I wish to change what I see, it’s a human curse // many say let it be, but it’s getting worse // switch the focus to me, fix myself first // I can barely keep my wife happy // so what I look like trying to pick the world up when I’m nappy // won’t give up, you can call me scrappy // gotta make it work so my son won’t call another pappy // can’t let my boy become another statistic // another fatherless child running round acting twisted // so can I change the world through him? // by giving him the childhood that I never knew then // BRIDGE: raindrops fit just like a puzzle // Hear me // moonshine falls upon a puddle // Feel me // CHORUS 1: can you Feel it Tonight? // have no Fear, we’re the Light // the Light // alright // alright (repeat) // VERSE 2: gotta do it, put out positive vibes // to the Universe, you disperse cognitive guides // nothing to it, there’s no stopping this Ride // and when you traverse through the worst, God’ll provide // galaxies collide with each other // but the stars pass alongside like a lover // they merge, become One // but nothing is lost, none come undone // billions of stars // billions of minds // billions of hearts // all Intertwined // Combined // in this Infinite Mystery we call Time // Eternally yours // if your Eternally mine // and it certainly pours // when you hurt me inside // decide // together Forever or will you cast me aside // to the Night // CHORUS 2: have no fear of the Night // can’t you feel we’re the Light // the Light // Tonight // Tonight (repeat) // *BRIDGE*
Track Name: On Rebellion (prod. Crisis Sparks) [unfinished]
HOP-LEO: whoa Hopudoshi slow down // Hop-Leo's voice of reason let you know now // I want the same thing as you, homie // but rash ways will only have em blaming you // so we // gotta plan // gotta plot // gotta ploy // we'll get the Man // never stop // until he's been destroyed // he's been scared, he knows he can't avoid // being toppled once our full strength has been deployed // but for that to happen we gotta form the alliance // women, blacks, poor // in united defiance // time to turn war // to political science // take corrective action // without resorting to violence // one cohesive faction // create a peaceful resolution // put our minds together and find a meaningful solution // lay our creed down // it's the people's restitution // no more greed now // Love equals revolution // HOPUDOSHI: fuck that // start from scratch // blow it up // ratatat // if I'm hurt sow it up // back to battle // pap pap pap // enemies in the dirt // time to pull it // got that gat // put em down with a smirk // outta bullets // scrap that cat // and if you're ready to leave // this hell on earth // Hopudoshi's ready to lead // semis to burst // enemies succumb to greed // can't tell their worth // if martyrdom is all we need // send me a hearse // this is a straight up rebellion, man // and there ain't no telling when // the power structure crumbles so we might as well settle in // though the victories assured // and I promise you'll be paid back for pain that you've endured // yeah! so comrades on me // not worried bout the future // combat only // not running out of sutures // for our casualties // go head and read your sutras // but still blast for me // HOPANOVA: how many times must I tell you, son // think back to the original rebellious one // certainly you don't wanna be like him // think your creed needs a little bit of rewritin // the revolution starts within // Spiritual Awakening // Sparks begin // rushing in to waste the king // marks his end // but all that you are hastening // is stark revenge // defend the weak and the meek // and let us not pretend you've no compassionate streak // you're forgetting that the end must have redeemable means // transformation can't depend on just some passion and schemes // only when you win the battle with your self // defeat the demons within and then the rest be dealt // but you'll never listen to me // your coalitions disposition's that the mission succeeds // by any means // HOPUDOSHI: yeah! you're right about that // I fasten my straps // ready for war // I button my snaps // prepared for the gore // set to bust caps // what I have in store // is freeing fighters like Geronimo Pratt // HOP-LEO: first of all, rest in peace to that brother .....
Track Name: Kindred Spirits [unfinished]
CHORUS: come on and get the minimum // before you open up your eyes // this army has so many heads // to analyze // come and get your overdose // collect it at the boarderline // and they wanna get up in your head... // VERSE 1: I'm recruiting now, an army of enlightened kin // -Doshi switchin styles, like languages to Mexicans // and with the backing of millenials, our next of kin // at bare minimum the future can expect a win // they keep us doped up with Netflix and TV shows // six second time wasters and Vimeo // memes abound cause it's all about me, me, me // without the third 'me' cause only two eyes (I's) see // whatever happed to expanding your mind // we got the planet to shine // but now it's dimmer inside // became complacent with the standard demise // of the ghost that resides // and just embellished the ride // but before you open up your Eye // and realize that you've had just enough of the fluff // there's one thing that we must discuss // are you one of us? // *CHORUS* // VERSE 2:
Track Name: Black Sea [unfinished]
CHORUS: we all sail // on this ship we call the Earth // better realize what it's worth // before we sink // in the black sea // we all soar // in a ship we call the Earth // recognize just what it's worth // before we sink // in the black sea