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VERSE 1: Hopudoshi’s back // got a little sidetracked // please forgive me for that // it seems, young love had me blind to the facts // but my vision’s clear now and my mind is intact // it’s time to finish what I started with AoA // honor the dear departed and our martyrs won’t fade away // 2012 came and went without a hitch // Obama reelected but the rich are still rich // poor stay poor // there’s more and more // this poverty’s gotta be false dichotomy // rebelling there’s no stopping me // so I’ll either be the brain that Pac sparked // or a link in the chain, lead my people from out the dark // VERSE 2: man, that was back in ’94 // 20 years or more // now we’re breaking down the door // and my first instinct is blame the president // but all of us our linked because the people set the precedent // no longer resident // escaped from the States // had a wife and kid, as of late feeling safe // took a break from the cause // I’ll admit my mistake // rebel without a pause // just can’t wait to Awake // the many people sleep walking today // seemed we Awoke from the slumber back in 2008 // but right after the election it was back to our ways // like, “Barrack’ll handle that,” back to something that pays // democracy’s responsibility is play your part // raise your voice, speak your mind, let em know what’s in your heart // so we’ll either be the brains that 2Pac sparked // or the link in the chains // lead ourselves from out the dark // VERSE 3: yeah, that “somebody’s” us // I know you had it tough // and rarely had enough // but // the main way they make us stay in check // is making sure we can’t see passed our next paycheck // how are we to fight for abstract ideals // for the future generations // when we can’t even deal // with the current situation // and I make my appeals // for these massive demonstrations // still our people won’t yield // I’m trying to shield my son from this mess // make a better society // he deserves nothing less // so he’ll only see poverty // on a history test // can’t conceive the dichotomy of the rich and the rest // erasing inequality is justice to me // can we achieve the dream // guess we must wait and see // but we’ll either be the brains that 2Pac sparked // or the links in the chain, lead ourselves from out the dark




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Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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