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Produced by: Sinima Beats


CHORUS: nothing is Forever // (this can’t be life) // nothing is for Real // (this can’t be Love) // nothing makes it better // (this can’t be right // it’s gotta be wrong // it/this just can’t be us) VERSE 1: thought you were the One // thought you were my All // before we had a son // in love, I never thought I’d fall // then you came along and you shattered my convictions // the woman of my dreams up to then defied description // now listen // I’m only gonna say this once // whatever happens now I wouldn’t trade those happy months // you made the world such a better place to be // don’t tell me that that’s over now, we’ll have to wait and see // so this is my symposium on Love // euphoria can lead you down to odium unplugged // against all odds, Hopudoshi won’t choke // though the words that I wrote // are getting caught in my throat // I wander through Strawberry Fields // wondering how undying love’s been repealed // I’m wishing that my sleeve had a shield // but who could of known my heart would need to be healed // *CHORUS* // BRIDGE: showed me everything there is to know about Love // then you broke my heart // I know that you will never get enough // VERSE 2: some say Love is the Ground of Being // but it seems to me Love is what War precedes // or maybe it’s the very same thing // two sides of a coin forged engagement rings // you used to cling and I asked for you to loosen up // and now you’re gone so I’m the cause of my seclusion, huh? // just take a look at me now // before my sorrows are drowned // this emptiness tears me down // now that you’re not around // Love creates, and Love destroys // elated my heart and then negated my Joy // at least our union made a beautiful boy // your yearning was quenched, it was a suitable ploy // regarding Love, seems the Jedi were right // but I won’t slip to the Dark, I’m holding tight to the Light // all that matters now is walking Sky through life // pray he learns from my mistakes and force dodge my strife // Love // *CHORUS* // VERSE 3: you wanted change? Look at me now // this is so not Hopudoshi’s style // already sold my Soul to you // so what’s the point in staying true // Love can make you do crazy shit // followed my heart, now I pay for it // given the choice of those paths again // follow my dreams to the very end // *CHORUS* // *BRIDGE*


from Hop​-​Leo & Hopanova present: HOPUDOSHI - The Rebel, released June 11, 2014
Producer: Sinima Beats



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Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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