On Rebellion (prod. Crisis Sparks) [unfinished]

from by Hopudoshi

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HOP-LEO: whoa Hopudoshi slow down // Hop-Leo's voice of reason let you know now // I want the same thing as you, homie // but rash ways will only have em blaming you // so we // gotta plan // gotta plot // gotta ploy // we'll get the Man // never stop // until he's been destroyed // he's been scared, he knows he can't avoid // being toppled once our full strength has been deployed // but for that to happen we gotta form the alliance // women, blacks, poor // in united defiance // time to turn war // to political science // take corrective action // without resorting to violence // one cohesive faction // create a peaceful resolution // put our minds together and find a meaningful solution // lay our creed down // it's the people's restitution // no more greed now // Love equals revolution // HOPUDOSHI: fuck that // start from scratch // blow it up // ratatat // if I'm hurt sow it up // back to battle // pap pap pap // enemies in the dirt // time to pull it // got that gat // put em down with a smirk // outta bullets // scrap that cat // and if you're ready to leave // this hell on earth // Hopudoshi's ready to lead // semis to burst // enemies succumb to greed // can't tell their worth // if martyrdom is all we need // send me a hearse // this is a straight up rebellion, man // and there ain't no telling when // the power structure crumbles so we might as well settle in // though the victories assured // and I promise you'll be paid back for pain that you've endured // yeah! so comrades on me // not worried bout the future // combat only // not running out of sutures // for our casualties // go head and read your sutras // but still blast for me // HOPANOVA: how many times must I tell you, son // think back to the original rebellious one // certainly you don't wanna be like him // think your creed needs a little bit of rewritin // the revolution starts within // Spiritual Awakening // Sparks begin // rushing in to waste the king // marks his end // but all that you are hastening // is stark revenge // defend the weak and the meek // and let us not pretend you've no compassionate streak // you're forgetting that the end must have redeemable means // transformation can't depend on just some passion and schemes // only when you win the battle with your self // defeat the demons within and then the rest be dealt // but you'll never listen to me // your coalitions disposition's that the mission succeeds // by any means // HOPUDOSHI: yeah! you're right about that // I fasten my straps // ready for war // I button my snaps // prepared for the gore // set to bust caps // what I have in store // is freeing fighters like Geronimo Pratt // HOP-LEO: first of all, rest in peace to that brother .....




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Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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