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She was product of the slums // I’m talkin real ones // and I ain’t politicing on this, son // I’m waxing feelsome // she was a born beauty named Boonsri* // her life suay** though she’s suay** // that’s beauty in Thai, man // her curse was beauty // and even in Thailand // she’s more than a cutie // and now it’s my duty to tell the tale of school girl // I couldn’t save from this cruel world // she was my student, my nakrian*** // and I failed her in multiple ways, but not again // she failed my class // I wouldn’t let her pass // didn’t consider her troubled past // or current destructive path // her pain was vast // precocious emotions // and now the notion of coping with smoking // opened her fast // got her supply from the older boys // and all they asked was for her, she was overjoyed // VERSE 2: she was ashamed of her beautiful tanned skin // bleaching creams in her cupboards but can’t win // and though the Thai boys said she was too dark // they still used her, but she needed a new start // she made herself up, headed to Calsan Road // where the foreigners roam // and the story unfolds // they’d feed her drink, compliment her exotic skin // and though she was minor, seemed to be an allotted sin // (Boonsri, listen to me) // and if you got wrecked less // you wouldn’t be so reckless // laying in a wet mess // with a pearl necklace // shame // but who’s to blame? // the players or the game // the pain is all the same // it never seems to wane // the rain’s aflame // burning umbrellas, burning rubbers // just cummers, no lovers // bury your tears under the covers // but hotel rooms they make you feel like you're a stewardess // and that was your goal but now your dreams are saying "you are missed" // VERSE 3: her mom and dad wasn't there for her // sisters and brother never cared for her // her uncle used to touch her // he'd tell her that he loved her // he'd use it as a buffer // now this is what she suffered // her friends told me, "Teacher, teacher! // Boonsri's gone and you need to seek her // she's fascinated by the English speakers // so maybe if you find her finally you can reach her" // I suited up to atone for sins // in a city where a 50 gets your bone a win // had a seat at your show, I think you knew I was watching ya // you shone among the shady business lady's of Pattaya // requested your service so we could make our escape // you were looking so nervous like we were on our first date // you screamed, "Run Teacher! they know why you've come!" // and through commotion and choking you still proceeded to plead with them // you said, "Teacher! I know that you were mad at me // but I won't let this end in tragedy // I'm gonna save you like you tried to do me!" // and so from you Boonsri, I learned of true beauty // even through your scarlet tears // when he cut you and your Soul released through the air // you're finally flying with beautiful Mother Earth // born with beauty, wish you were given another curse

*Boonsri = Female Thai name, meaning beautiful
**suay (flat tone) = Thai for “curse”; suay (rising tone) = Thai for beautiful
***nakrian = Thai for student


from Hop​-​Leo & Hopanova present: HOPUDOSHI - The Rebel, released June 11, 2014
Producer: Breathtaking Beats




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Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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