Unfinished​/​Bonus Tracks

by Hopudoshi

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These are bonus songs that didn't make the album, that I still wanted to share.


released November 30, 2009



all rights reserved


Hopudoshi Columbus, Ohio

Hopudoshi, Hopanova, and Hop-Leo all represent different sides of my personality. Sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are in conflict. The differences between them are the reason for some of my ambivalent feelings towards certain issues.

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Track Name: Beneath You [unfinished]
VERSE 1: so many greats, gone before their time // if I'm threating the system I'll be gone before mine // life on the line // that's the only way with revolution // searching for signs // 'til I find a peaceful resolution // they got Che, Martin, and Malcolm // JFK met his day, but I'ma find a new outcome // and not a one is getting out of here alive // so we try to make our mark to be immortalized // whether through love, glory, or bloodlines // we all wage a war to come out victors above time // a losing battle // but a worthy cause // and the Reaper's shadow // never gave me pause // so many lost while living // dead inside while others think they're winning // they gained the world through sinning // lost souls, hope we'll be forgiven // yeah, God willing // CHORUS1: // VERSE 2: one by one the bodies fall // can't escape the grave, but steady try to stall // they lie beneath us // but their souls arise // with so much to teach us // so don't close your eyes // what if death is like waking from a dream? // new life, new world, no more rolling down the stream // and when I'm gone don't mourn for me // it's a return to the Real, no more forgery // I'm starting to feel Pac's fear // of reincarnation // we appear down here // in mental stravation // leave my writings and my raps // to this damned nation // while I'm fighting all the traps // that lead to damnation // ancestrial bones adorn the plantations // cause there's freedom in death, what a translation // masters preaching patience // steady vow breaking // slaves sang spiritual hymns that spoke of salvation // even now waitin' // CHORUS 2: // VERSE 3:
Track Name: Dark City
Hopudoshi: Bangkok at Night // no Stars in the Sky // but the Earth’s Alight // alright? // in the City where it’s gritty // but that’s outta sight // in the Dark, Red and Yellow they ain’t gotta fight // now turn it Upside Down // make a Heaven of Hell // Illuminate the Ground // Abound // and tell me what lies round // another Seven to sell // Leo and Chang per pound // ya take a deep breath you might die // beautiful City but Smog fills the Night Sky // but no matter how thick it is // whoever you kick it with // as Doshi is spittin this // there’s always a Witness, kid // and since the Sky’s unscrapeable // we’ll never be capable // of changing Unchangeables // but in the End we’ll make it through // for now the BTS gets me where I take it to
Track Name: Reborn (Intro)
Hopudoshi/Hop-Leo/Hopanova: Rebirth // What was that? // Hopanova: Heaven? // Hopudoshi: Hell? // Hop-Leo: The Ground of Being? // All: Reality // Hop-Leo: Looks like we’re back // Hopudoshi: What do we do now? // Hop-Leo: Ha, I thought you were the one who was running this show… // Hopanova: We need to go back // Hopudoshi: Are you crazy? Never! // Hop-Leo: Hmm…it seems we didn’t share the same experience // Hopudoshi: We most certainly didn’t. Even Hopanova’s not fool enough to wanna go back there // Hopanova: Perhaps. But maybe we were in the same place. And our reaction to it depends upon what kind of person we are // Hopudoshi: Fu-- // Hop-Leo: Alright, alright! So we’re back in…on… We’re back to perceiving things the way we normally do. So what now? // Hopudoshi: We live. We take advantage. This is a respite // Hopanova: This world is horrible // Hopudoshi: Ha, you sound like me. Wish I could of seen what you saw // Hopanova: As do I // Hopudoshi: Hm, you really mean that // Hop-Leo: Never thought I’d see the day. We should utilize this new found harmony // Hopudoshi: Yeah, this world’s a step up from where I was, but it still needs some work // Hopanova: Precisely. Together we can make a Heaven of Hell. The time is right // Hopudoshi: The time is now // Hop-Leo: The time is ripe // All: Time is ours
Track Name: Geek f/ BDPS
Title: Geek
Artists: Hop-Leo f/ BDPS

Chorus 1:
Comic books and video games
Science fiction and anime
This is stuff that’s considered geeky
But we like it so please don’t hate me

Verse 1:
If you’ve ever argued about
Who would win in a bout
Superman vs. Goku
Then this song it is for you
This goes out to my fellow geeks
You know like fans of Buffy
Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru
The latter’s the tighter of the two
Spending quarters at the arcade
It’s fun for any age
We’ve all got something to prove
Hit you with an instant death move

*Chorus 1*

Verse 2:
The death of Aries made me cry
Gotta be what started it all
Cloud Strife then my boy Squall
All the wonderful RPGs
Oh how you’ve influenced me
Avalanche opposed big business
Now look at me, I’m a communist
They started my tendency
Squarsoft you better believe it
I love ya even with Enix
Thanks for hipping me Showtime
To the greatest game of all time
Now it’s on to DBZ
You know Vegeta was a G
Kinda like Luigi
The lean green machine
His hops are better than Mario’s
Phat Stax introduced me to Naruto
Can’t mess with Kakashi Sensei
Sharingan leaves ‘em in disarray
Haku got killed off too soon
Waiting for the release of New Moon

*Chorus 1*

Verse 3:
Zelda with her triforce of wisdom
Light arrows ruling the kingdom
Samus Aran exploring space
Buffy protects the human race
This feminism at its finest
Look to science fiction, not hard to find it
Willow by far the most powerful
In the Buffyverse, you already know
Charles Gunn and my girl Fred
Wesley put that to an end
If you know what I’m talking bout
Don’t pretend, go head and shout:

Chorus 2:
Do the geek, do the geek
Do the geek, do the geek
I’m a geek, he’s a geek
She’s a geek, we some geeks

*Chorus 1 (4x)*

If you know the name of more than one ship in Zion’s fleet from the Matrix…then do the geek. If you know what year Angel was born in…do the geek. If you know what WOW stands for…do the geek. If you know who Anikan Skywalker grows up to become…then do the geek. If you know who raised Peter Parker…do the geek. If you know who Spiegel, Valentine, and Black are…then do the geek. If you’ve ever liked something that you didn’t want a girl to find out about then do then geek.

*Chorus 1 & 2 (4x)*